PS Vita $55 Preorder Bonus and $10 Off Two Different Games

With 11 days away from launch today is a great day to preorder your PS Vita and receive $55 in bonus offers. Two games, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational and WipEout 2048 are discounted $10 so you can play Vita right away at a great price! Other games are available at a slightly discounted price as well.

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morganfell2347d ago

Only two days away for those of us with the First Edition preorder. Can't wait for this. And now with Ninja Gaiden launching on the 22nd, this is going to be great.

BrutallyBlunt2347d ago

They are being far more aggressive in pricing/bundles with the 3G model and it's no wonder seeing as most people want to get the wi-fi only model instead. This dates back to when the air was sucked out of the room last year at E3 when Sony announced being partnered with AT&T.

rob60212347d ago

I almost went with the 3g model with the free 8gb card, but decided for 10 more dollars the wifi+16gb was better long term investment; considering prices may actually be cheaper on PSN than retail this time around.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32347d ago

I'll probably pick one up to help Sony out, since they do try to satiate gamers' needs. I just don't see any games that catches my eye yet.

Horny2347d ago

Same here and the fact I really want to play uncharted. But by May they will have plenty of titles that I would love to have on the portable so I might as well buy it first day. Tues is when I decide to get the first edition to pick up Wednesday or just wait a week and get it with a larger memory card

I played uncharted GA in gamestop for a little and was impressed by the graphics. On that small screen it looks like uncharted 1 and this is a launch title.
I would highly recommend the system.

xursz2347d ago

This is arguably the best launch lineup in console history dating back to the Sega Dreamcast. With 26 games and more to come, I think there's enough choices to go around.

That's my 2c

coryok2347d ago

my only problem with the launch line up is the lack of rpgs :'(

uncharted and shinobido will suffice though

FierceDeityLink2347d ago

Oh, the same old deal but someone else getting referral credit. Ok.

Already have Wipeout 2048 and Hot Shots Golf coming via UPS. I though this was a new deal like the Amazon UK, buy a Vita, get a game for £15.

phantomexe2347d ago

uncharted golden abyss is all i care about. If it wasn't for it i wouldn't be picking the vita up. I'm a huge uncharted fan but i've got to admit i'm worried it will be the psp all over again. 250 is alot to gamble on being sony last handheld outing.