DmC Preview of site the "Gameland" with new screenshots and Interview

Gaflima of writes:

"Recently, the Russian website "Gameland", did a preview with some new contents."

"I, Chocolateghost , Ultima and DeadLegend translate that, was difficult, but here it is."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2295d ago

They used DMC4 as an example of a 'slow' game? What the fuck are they smoking? This game looks like it goes half the speed of it.
Also how is being half-demon, and half-angel make him look like a human. That again, doesn't make very much sense.

I'm glad at least they finally admitted this game has nothing to do with the prior entries.

rdgneoz32294d ago

Yah, very nice that they admitted it has nothing to do with prior entries. Calling it a reboot/prequel/whatever was annoying as hell. Only thing better would be to change his name from Dante.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2294d ago

Yeah it was pissing me off too. It would be nice if they changed the game title and the main character's name as well. At first glance it doesn't seem like a big deal, but the naming scheme had to do with the Divine Comedy, if this game doesn't take from that it won't make much sense to keep the name.

The game itself looks fun...but it's not DMC fun. Kinda like the whole FF13 thing. It's a great game, but not a good FF.

Taz Yamauchi2294d ago

In thinking about this, the department of Capcom USA, suggested to involve Nina Theory in the project

LOL @Nina Theory, I know it was a mistake and so is this game

dark-hollow2294d ago

Honestly, this game looks like it have a lot of potential, but not as a DMC sequel.

Der_Kommandant2294d ago

Can't wait to not buy this game

TheMutator2294d ago

ohhh God cancel that crap!!!!!!!!!! pleaseee!!!

fei-hung2294d ago

I think Excrement Theory have made several n4g accounts and are going around disagreeing in comments that are negative to thrir piece of craap game.

This game is turning into one giant enemy turd with Excrement Theory becoming one giant pain in ass (as in a donkey) this generation.

Never have i ever witnessed anyone let alone a dev be so self obsessed and egotistical, that they would mock everyone and everything including their own customers and act like blind mentally ill psychopaths that cannot comprehend it is wrong to have incestual relationships with ure own deranged love child. Yes NT, this so called DMC is ure love child. It is ugly n retarded but as parents and lovers of ure own child, u r blinded n keep tryna make love to it. Its disgusting n sick and for all things holy and good, please stop it as u r making us gamers sick!

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