Mass Effect 3: the friends I'll leave behind

OXM UK: "Not everybody survived Mass Effect 2. Good riddance."

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dedicatedtogamers2232d ago

This article is pretty harsh, but I kinda agree. I feel burned by Bioware recently. They made the excellent Dragon Age and then followed it up with DA2. Okay, DA2 is NOT as horrible as everyone makes it out to be, but it was definitely a step down. Then they cut out half of the abilities, biotics, and techs from ME1 out of Mass Effect 2, they made a TERRIBLE final boss, a TERRIBLE enemy (the Collectors? Assuming direct control my butt) and there was less to explore.

Worse yet, there are a grand total of about 4 choices from ME1 that affect ME2. So much for "continuity". Heck, Dragon Age 2 - for all its flaws - has WAY better connections between DA1 and DA2.

Mass Effect 3 is even MORE of a shooter than ME2, which makes me sad. It simply does not look like a game I'd buy at launch. 12 months later for $25? Yeah, I'll buy it.

krazykombatant2232d ago

Actually even if you kill Leliana in DA:O, she still comes back in Dragon Age2, and I didn't do awekening but I believe someone there dies and still comes back in Dragon Age 2. The ending in Dragon Age 2 is a bunch of b.s, rather than what BioWare sold to the gamers. They said a story you could forge and ever changing and a bunch of fluff. Only to have the 2 endings with each screwing you over.

grahf2232d ago

Anders. He should be dead dead. When I saw Leliana was back, I almost threw my controller at the TV. "Wasn't my time..." what utter bullshit.
Because of DA2, my faith is shaken horribly in Bioware. I'm actually nervous to play ME3 because I'm afraid my choices and the consequences that followed dont matter.
How will my paragon Shep play out? Everyone lived, everyone is on my side except Cerberus... And how will my renegade shep play out? The entire Normandy crew is dead and only Garrus & Miranada lived... Oh, Grunt is still in cryo... Will that matter?

Vortex3D2232d ago

How come articles like this act like the player only have one ending? I have ME2 ending with everyone alive, ending with just about everyone dead but Shepard alive. I'm most curious about this ending because Shepard has almost crews left to help fight in ME3.

IronFistChinMi2231d ago

Exactly. I have 6 Shepards representing the 6 different classes, Paragon/Renegade and shades in between.

Favourite IP this gen, which is why I've devoted so much time to it!


ME3 will be better than DAO2,of this I am certain.

grahf2232d ago

Solitaire is better than DA2...