Mass Effect 3, gameplay video from the demo on Xbox 360

Shepard invades Xbox Live for some lucky.

A few days earlier than those who purchased the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, the network sprout the first gameplay video about the demo of Mass E fect 3.

The two movies, for about 11 minutes in length the first 38 minutes and the second video, showing some of the options screens and game scenes taken from a chapter in the single player campaign in which he met, among others, James Vega and Ashley.

The Xbox 360 version was also designed to test the capabilities of Kinect the latter only since February 17.

Users who have redeemed the VIP Code dellaLimited Edition of Battlefield 3 will access the demo of Mass Effect 3 from February 14, 2012. All the other from 17 February.

We recall that the title is available in stores from March 6, 2012 on the PC platform, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Potential GOTY right there folks.

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Oh snap those are my videos haha nice