Playstation Vita Hardware Review – Revitalizing The Gaming Industry

Carl Daniel of The Koalition: Last year I called the Playstation Vita “the best device I’ve ever held in my hands” after just three hours of play time. Now that I own a Vita not only do I stand by that statement, I actually believe it more now than I did then. Of course when it comes to gaming devices software will always take precedence over hardware but until our game reviews start rolling out next week I thought I’d give a quick review of the WFi unit which will be hitting European and American stores on February 22nd.

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DA_SHREDDER2319d ago

The best gaming device you've ever held in your hands, maybe? Should be more specific of what you're trying to portray sir.

MasterCornholio2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Can't be any more specific than that. The author basically claims that in his opinion the PSVita is the best gaming portable ever made. From the looks of the device and the amount of incredibly positive reviews I do not find it hard to agree with him.


Knight_Cid2319d ago

best gaming device ever made?

Lets see how the library is and how it sells after 6 or 7 years.

Colwyn2319d ago


best gaming device ever made?

Lets see how the library is and how it sells after 6 or 7 years.

this matey is waiting for sales and the type of library it will have before he considers it a great handheld. the device by itself is the best handheld ever made. if someone is waiting for the device to garner a mass amount of software before they consider it then they should just avoid all game systems and buy a iphone which has thousands of games.

fanboys love to dance around semantics. the 3ds is good, the ps vita is way better in everyway. some will prefer the software of nintendo and some will prefer the software of the vita but there is no denial of the ps vita technologically being the best handheld ever made. it seems like people stating facts that goes as a positive towards one game will make them labeled as a fanboy or hater of something else.

FriedGoat2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Queue knight_cid droneing on about 3DS 2011 sales and claiming how great the average games for it are. I do have a 3DS it's just a shame it's poor. My friend code is 3523-2064-6907 tag FrIeD-GoAt if you would like to debate this over Nintendo Letterbox. Best messaging system EVER /s learn to make decent online functionality nintendo.

TKCMuzzer2319d ago

Eh, I think it's quite obvious about what he is trying to portray, that is unless you are holding a 3DS in your hand trying to convince yourself that's the console he should be talking about.

Sony have made a top handheld, made for gaming and they should congratulated for it. If your a gamer you should embrace it, it's not wrong to have more than one console brand in your collection.

Rageanitus2319d ago

Only 3 more days till we all get to finger drake ;)

TruthBTold2319d ago

Funny thing is i received a message from amazon that the arriaval date for uncharted will be the 13th instead of the 15th but i still need to wait another week for the vita aaaarrrrggggg....... I cant wait though.

Rageanitus2319d ago

Different SKU... I know for Nintendo it was the same thing when the GBA was coming out. The stores had all the launch software a week b4 the launch of the system.

Acquiescence2319d ago

I'm just going into cryogenic suspension for a while. Wake me up when it's the 22nd.

Biggest2319d ago

This is the Vita, bro. No need to get all Okama-Gamesphere about it.

JoeReno2319d ago

Don't forget to bring a towel

chadzer2319d ago

I played the demo unit for 15 mins.
Preordered it literally hours later.
Only bad thing is I had to trade in my PS3 in order to afford it.

pythonxz2316d ago

@FriedGoat I was referring to him having to trade in his PS3.

Mikhail2319d ago

I'll buy it when gravity rush arrives. I wonder how i'm gonna use my fingers on Kitty (that's her name right?).

SoulMisaki2319d ago

Kat - and I think the only touch mechanics in that game are to dodge.

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