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IncGamers: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is good. Good enough to get a 9/10 in our review. Therefore we thought we'd sit down with the game's lead designer Ian Frazier to talk through a few of game's finer points and the modern day RPG genre as a whole.

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Knight_Cid2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

LOL seriously? No

It isnt even the most interesting action rpg.

Hell TWENWY had more interesting combat. Kingdom hearts was more hardcore in that you really had to be aware of what was going on.

AllroundGamer2349d ago

pretty much... i have like 20 hours in the game and the combat is sometimes really annoying thx to the enemies hitting on you from every side at once interrupting your every move (yeah there is an ability to ignore hits, but it comes with the price of lowered armor), this is normally fixed in other games by not allowing every enemy to attack you at the same time... and you can't do block or evade if you are doing some attack, which would help to make the fights more dynamic, now you just have to look how your hero must finish an action till you can block or evade which mostly is too late... it's an ok game, but that's it.

HacSawJimThugin2348d ago

I have to respectfully disagree with your combat complaints. Timing and strategy all play a role combat. Button mashing will get you hit from "every side" from my experience, you have to block and dodge just as much as you attack.

Every attack animation can be canceled to block or dodge after the third strike of your combo. on the 4th strike, the finishing move, you are committed to that animation and cannot cancel out. That's reasonable to me. Magic is the same way, you pay a mana cost and have to go through with that commitment.

I'm surprised your 20 hrs in and don't feel like a god already...cause I do. Whatever you playing as you have more than enough weapons at your disposal to take out a small army. I'm a lvl 19 Arcanist and I welcome any multitude of enemies to feel my wrath lol!!

Dragon Age, Skyrim, and yes even Dark Souls combat isn't as deep or as fun Amalur.

AllroundGamer2348d ago

just play some God of war and you will also hate, that you can't go to block or dodge from every action like here... i'm lvl 21, and yeah the damage i receive is small so i feel like a god :D , but the combat is still annoying when 3-4 enemies pound you to a corner and you can't even dodge properly... i played too much RPGs and action hacknslash games to say this game got both right.

Baba19062349d ago

I love the combat system in amalur. Beeing a mage has never been so much fun. casting the awesome spells is so cool. but i guess i think dark souls has the best combat system. its just perfect.

madjedi2348d ago

Unless the enemies get alot stronger later on, hell no i don't consider the combat very good if i can slaughter every enemy i meet with ease at the very beginning.

I liked sacred 2's combat alot better, more specified with each distinct class, rather then reckonings casual quasi warrior-mage-thief. It's the first game i have had to raise the difficulty immediately to actually have some challenge in the game.

I was hoping for a champions of norrath class specific style of game, but nope a casual orientated fable style game.