Digital Foundry: The Darkness 2 - Face-off

David Bierton writes:

"The Darkness 2 pushes both consoles thoroughly with an extensive range of visual effects. Dynamic light sources are scattered about the environments and post-processing is abundant throughout, making for an expansive range of impressive graphical effects. However, this all comes at a cost: there have been some compromises made on both consoles to accommodate these features while working within a 33ms rendering budget necessary to maintain a steady 30 frames per second update."

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andron6662206d ago

Can't wait to play this game, great fan of the first...

specialguest2206d ago

Due to the cel-shading style, the sub-hd is more forgivable. However, 720p still looks noticeably better.

itsallgud2205d ago

As usual the Superior Xbox 360 has the best version.
Time and time and time again the Xbox is kicking the over priced internet ready blu ray player's butt.

"Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

andron6662205d ago

I wonder how that is your conclusion after reading this article? You did read it, right?...

CandyCaptain2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

I recognise this comment, you're a troll on, it is nice to see you out of your environment. Even if it's only cause LOT hasn't done a h2h in a while. @itsallgud Edit: itsallgud = Buying1999 from LOT n___n