Universal-Gamer Editorial: PSVita vs Smartphones

The PSVita is just around the corner, the new portable from Sony PlayStation family. With his "giant touchscreen" OLED of 5 inches (130 mm), two "much desired" levers like, his "4-core processor," his "impressive graphics between PS2 and PS3" and "social connections" but will it be enough against this new age of Smartphones?

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DA_SHREDDER2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Nope, cause everyone needs or wants a cellphone to text and call people. BTW, I find it so funny cause I'm one of those people who have been wanting cross game chat for my ps3 since 08 with people telling me " You want to talk to your friends? Why don't you just call them?" Well now that the vita has cross game chat, not even a fraction of my friends are gonna buy this device cause it's not a phone, thus making the argument of "call use the phone to call your friends" irrelevant now as it was when people were telling me to call my friends via phone.

My point being, the Vita not being a phone is gonna make it as irrelevant as a handheld gaming device. Is it cool? Heck yea its cool. Is it expensive? No, but I'd rather just buy another ps3 cause it has bigger and badder games on it. I have 2 already, but my kids are always fighting over it, and my 3rd ps3 took a crap on me and they only use the Wii for netflix. Oh and ive had plenty of xboxes, sorry i just don't like to pay for online when I already do.

But back on point. The vita would have been an instant success had it been a cell phone. I mean why wouldn't sony just try to have a cell phone version? They could have made the wifi version the budget version, and the cellphone even if it was a at&t exclusive, it would have sold like hot cakes just like the iphone and Ipad did. Freakin stupid sharholders. Hopefully Kaz can bring some sanity back to the glory that Sony once had.

BTW, I agree with this article. The Vita will most definitely be the last handheld gaming focus device of it's kind. I imagine some day, the ps4 or 5, or whatever will eventually just be as big as a tab or phone, thus negating inferior hardware that only does one thing, play games. God speed Sony

Edit: I just wanna add one more thing. The Vita is a freaking beast! Why isn't there a phone platform for the system again?! I've seen cell phone's at walmart for under 20 bucks. Surely the cell phone inards couldn't possibly be so expensive that would be the main reason to not make it a phone, cause of cost. That's just plain lunacy! Put it this way. Had the Vita been a cellphone, I would buy 2. But since it's just a mobile device with some tech prowess, it doesn't entice me to hurry to do anything. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so brash, but seriously, what's with them acting like they just can't make a cellphone version? If they made that move, I bet Kaz would be in a better position then they are now. They would be the first in the corporate giant market to have this impact.

Mikhail2166d ago

I think they would do a PSP phone first (Xperia play 2!) wherein you can play all PSP games.

FriedGoat2166d ago

If I want to call people i'll use my phone, if i want to play crappy games with frustrating controls, no tactile feedback at all and with my fingers covering the screen, i'll use my phone. If i want to play Full length PS3 quality games on the go on an incredible screen i'll use my vita. Thanks.

MaxXAttaxX2166d ago

I already have a phone.
I want a portable system with true game support and controls.
Honestly, the PS Vita is technically the best mobile gaming device ever created so far.

xursz2166d ago

I have a phone. It works fine, does all the things a phone should do, take pics (decent video), plays music, and calls people and even has some decent games.

I want the Vita for REAL GAMING. Not cheap 99c pocket mini games and other nonsense that make you use the touchscreen for basic controls.

MasterCornholio2166d ago

As much as I love my XperiaRay it isn't made for serious gaming experiences which is why I am getting a Vita.


ginsunuva2166d ago

Why doesn't the media do 3ds vs smartphone articles?

joeorc2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

The 3g ver of the PSVita can make phone calls. Skypein across 3g is the same call quality as any regular call on 3g . Complaining that the PSVita cannot make or take phone calls is just plain moot. Because with skype the PSVita is a phone.

Those very same smart phone games can run on the PSVita their cheap am low cost, that still does not mean that the low cost smartphone games are not good games. Hell Sony has invested heavy into the smartphone market. That's why the playstation suite was made for. An since the PSVita also runs the playstation suite PSVita users will not miss out on that content also. With skypein PSVita can make a call to landlines or other smartphones, or other skype users. You even can get a skypin telephone number people could call you on that you can take the incoming call right from the PSVita with 3G that would be anywhere you can get an active 3G signal.