Does The Elder Scrolls Need Co-Op?

Do you guys think Bethesda should let us explore with a friend?

In my opinion co-op is the future of gaming. Everybody loves playing their favourite games with friends. I was discouraged when Bioshock 2 announced their multiplayer. I was entirely unconvinced by Dead Space 2, and I’m still dubious about Mass Effect 3’s online offering.

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IaMs122346d ago

A necessity? No, but it would be awesome to have that option presented for us in the near future for the game. I know there is a mod being worked on so i here hopes for that to pull through.

HebrewHammer2346d ago

Once Bethesda learns how to stabalize the framerate of a single player game, then we'll talk about co-op.

Kos-Mos2346d ago

Does so called gaming journalists need to study? Yes.

ddurand12346d ago

it would be cool to set off and explore and battle things with a friend, but its not a necessity.

TABSF2346d ago

There is a mega mod for Skyrim

Got almost everything plus MMO features are coming:
-PvE, PvP and RP servers
-Ingame Chat
-Joining Parties and Guilds
-Multiplayer Dungeons
-PvP Arenas
-Open World PvP (PvP Servers only)
-Player Housing

Shadonic2346d ago

it dosent need it but it would be awesome and add to the enjoyment if it did.

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