David Hayter (Voice of Snake) Posted a Mysterious Message

David Hayter (voice of Snake) and Paul Eiding (voice of colonel Campbell) are apparently doing some recordings that Hayter 'can't really talk about'.

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MrGunny942265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Could be MGS5 or MGS:Rising, who knows if Campell or Snake makes an apperance, funny thing though i see the MGS4 poster behind

Could be a re-recording for VITA or XBOX360? But since it's a PS3 exclusive should be for VITA

David is my favorite voice actor... I love his voice deeply, like in SWTOR and MGS... His voice is always on my head.

He is also person that is very friendly with the MGS community and other games! He trys to awnser to everyone's questions and compliments!

One of the best persons i've met in my life to be honest, wish i could meet him in Real life

Nyxus2265d ago

Now that you say it, it could also be for Rising, indeed. Didn't even think of that.

MrGunny942265d ago

Campell and Sake... Hmm since Raiden is in a country that is in middle of a civil war... could make sense.. where did all those cyborg came and how on EARTH did Vamp got revived?

We'll see...

Nyxus2265d ago

I'm still not convinced that's Vamp. He looks more like a sort of samurai to me.

2pacalypsenow2265d ago

vamp got revived? Rising is ser between MGS2 and 4

SnotyTheRocket2265d ago

its after MGS4 now, so, yeah.....

Baka-akaB2265d ago

could still be a past sequence with vamp

MrGunny942265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Raiden said this in the trailer

"One sword keeps another in the sheath. Sometimes the threat of violence alone is a deterrent. Sometimes by taking a life, others can be preserved. It's the code the Samurai lived by."

Yeah it's a samurai cyborg, it could be Vamp or not.. But he looks similar to him, i say that it is Vamp, because the name is "Reavengance" and Vamp did awful things to him and to Otacon and etc...

But this is more of a Raiden life's approach...

But since this is CAMPELL and SNAKE.. the game that they got most into was MGS1, so i would bet for a remake.

Nyxus2265d ago

It could be a remake of MGS1 to celebrate the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary. I'd rather see a remake of the original (2D) Metal Gears though.

2pacalypsenow2265d ago

Metal gear solid is basically a remake of MG2

Braid2265d ago

There is a remake of the Metal Gear Solid alreay, that is, Twin Snakes for Gamecube.

MrGunny942265d ago

Agreed, in that the 2D Games of Metal Gear, were pretty awesome

Fortunately i made to play most of them, wish i could see a comeback of them though, they got a pretty good stuff to tell

2265d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.