GTA 5 and speech technology

InEnt: Since Rockstar announced GTA V fans of the franchise have been interested in many aspects of the game, such as a release date, characters, the story and graphics. There is another feature of the game that seems to have been overlooked and that is speech technology, which for some gamers is as important as the graphics themselves. There is a new technology called Speech Graphics and could be a better system than MotionScan due to that technology requiring less storage space.

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danswayuk2349d ago

Cannot wait for the next Grand Theft Auto and we can count on some new technology like this article explains, although I hope they get it right whatever way they choose to go.

MaxXAttaxX2348d ago

But will it be fun this time... that's the question.

KwietStorm2348d ago

I've never questioned the fun of any GTA.

ShinMaster2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Neither did I until GTAIV came along and I found a great alternative that didn't take itself so seriously and allowed for a fully customizable character.

T3MPL3TON 2347d ago

@ShinMaster: and then they made SR3. That game is waste of plastic/harddrive space.

hennessey862349d ago

doesn't need amazing speech tech, as long as it look believable. It does not need to be of LA noir standards.

zero_cool2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

No gta 5 needs this touch...

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

kaveti66162348d ago

Okay, thanks for letting us know. More developers should know that they don't need to try.

MrGunny942348d ago

But it's always an extra :)

LolololRumz2348d ago

I think the point of the video was to show off how well speech is synced not the facial expressions, which could explain why they look emotionless.

I knew Rockstar wouldn't leave their facial expression tech alone as it would just seem a waste, so I hope something similar is put into GTA V

hesido2348d ago

Exactly. The catch is that you'll have believable mouth movements for any given speech, using only the audio data, while preset expressions could be easily blended in (angry, surprised, sarcastic etc etc.)

LolololRumz2348d ago

It's really clever technology, now if clothing animations could be brought up to the level of facial animations it would truly be amazing to see.

For example in LA Noire, the faces looked real and life-like but looked out of place next to the sub-par bodies

HardCover2348d ago

PC already has some good examples of clothing animation because of PhysX. it's a bit more subtle than how well facial animation can look, but it's definitely going places.

LolololRumz2348d ago


Yeah I've seen that sort of thing before here

This sort of thing has been around a while a long with realistic hair, however putting all of these technologies together seems to be a completely different story

hesido2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )


For the l.a. noire comment. The bodies were indeed sub-par compared to the faces, from what I have seen, but one thing that probably also held it back was that motion and face performances had to be seperately recorded. From brief scenes I've seen on the net, you really couldn't see the face adapted while the guy is breaking in through the door with a shoulder, or when the guy is kneeling down, you don't see that slight hint of effort.. The body performances were not a match.

seanpitt232348d ago

I think in next gta they need to make it abit more gory i mean when you get blown up by a rpg and you still in tact thats just wrong we need to see arms and legs fly off like cod waw make it abit more realistic.

cyguration2348d ago

It was already in GTA: San Andreas or as fireplace mentions, in GTA 3. It also happened simply shooting people.

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The story is too old to be commented.