Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Pre-order Only $48

This weekend you can grab the Mass Effect 3 pre-order with free shipping for $48 while stocks last for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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SubZeroMaster2232d ago

dont know if i should buy....UGH

T9002231d ago

48usd is still high lol, can pick up the PC version here for 40usd. Imo wait a few weeks after launch and it will probably go around 25usd or so.

chcolatesnw2231d ago

johnny chase? haha nice. man i miss entourage.... VICTORYYYYYYYYY!! (badly used there)

swice2231d ago

.....I don't know what to do :-/

Assass1nN1nja2231d ago

I pre-ordered from the N7 CE from Best Buy for $80 and it was worth every dollar. I feel if you can't afford $48 to $60 for new releases then you should stick to used games, gamefly or rentals, or pick a different hobby.