Why I’m excited about Lollipop Chainsaw (and not for the reason you might think)

Leon From Plus XP writes: "They say that sex sells – and I’m sure this has its merits. Any gaming connoisseur will know to generally avoid a game that plasters a scantily clad heroine across its cover – I’m sure most of us have made that mistake at least once. But the truth in many of these cases is simply that the game is low-budget, and aimed at a male teenage market that will snap it up because their brain immediately takes notice of the hot girl on the case – before playing it and realising that the game was clearly put together by people who didn’t really care about quality – just something that would sell."

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Venox20082294d ago

this is one of my most waited game in 2012 ;)

jc485732293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

how many people do know about this game? just curious. I am getting it just because of Suda51. There aren't many developers out there that make games just as weird and f&*^*& up as him.

Makasu2293d ago

I dont know how you can't be excited about this, finally Suda is doing something that actually a mass market can get into! Great writeup!