Real NVIDIA Kepler, GK104, GeForce GTX "670/680" Specs Leak Out

Brightsideofnews : In the past few weeks, we've seen various fishy rumors on the product specifications of first discrete GPU using the upcoming 28nm Kepler architecture the GK104. While we have known parts of the specifications, such as no hot clocks, the doubling of Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) node from 48 to 96 CUDA cores (i.e. Stream Processors), 256-bit memory controller, the real specifications are (finally) here... even though, our information differes minimally from information originally posted on

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NYC_Gamer2294d ago

got my eyes set on the 670

Mikhail2294d ago

I'll buy it after some benchmarks. I don't want any bulldozer hype repeat

MrGunny942294d ago

Can't wait for them, atm i'm sitting on GTX 460 SC in SLI, great cards but are getting old... These cards would be lovely to achieve the max potential of Alan Wake, which is coming out!

theeg2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

dude, alan wake will run maxed on one 460, it's not going to be that demanding

unless maybe you are thinking of running in 2560x1600 or higher (multi monitor) I don't think that game will stree your rig.

specialguest2294d ago

Damn, if that's old then what is my 8800 GTS? A fossil? It's been 5 years now, and I've put enough mileage on my PC. Time for a new rig.

MrGunny942294d ago

I was thinking of running everything Max in 1920x1080

fullmetal2972294d ago

"This is a 349-399 dollar part which in conventional way would replace the 300-dollar "GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2GB", but will offer higher performance than GTX 580. Significantly higher… and more importantly, not just beating the $449 Radeon HD 7950 3GB, but also endangering the $549 Radeon HD 7970. "

It's a good thing I waited and skipped on buying the HD7970. AMD has always been about price/performance, but this time Nvidia has that down as well.

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