Skyrim PS3 1.4/2.03 patch breeds uncertainty

InEnt writes: Most PS3 users would have noticed the Skyrim 1.4 patch, known as v2.03 update on PlayStation 3, went live this week after concerns the patch might not make it until next week thanks to Sony’s drawn-out certification process. Now that the Skyrim update has gone live on PS3 we wanted to take a look at user reactions and run our own tests, which revealed a lot of uncertainty among gamers.

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danswayuk2169d ago

PS3 is running fine after the latest Patch but some quests are not working.

Mr-Zex2169d ago

What's with all these broken games lately, dev's seem to be using that 'Make it fast and patch it later' mentality.

Myst2169d ago

Wow Skyrim has been going up and down a bit. I should probably get around to finishing it though at some point since they are spending so much time fixing it..