The making of Killer Freaks From Outer Space Trailer for Wii-U

Here is a video showing how Ubisoft made the trailer video for E3 2011 of Killer Freaks From Outer Space for Wii-U.

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firefly692349d ago

Its a video made using Unity,simply the best tool in the market.

PopRocks3592349d ago

Neat video. Looks like a lot of effort went into that trailer. Hopefully the game will have an equal level of production value.

CaptainN2348d ago

Hopefully, if they put that much effort into the trailer, they will put even more into the game itself.

mike1up2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Looks amazing. I would prefered gameplay footage though.

CaptainN2348d ago

Footage was shown at the roundtable last year for this and Ghost Recon Online :

mike1up2348d ago

Thanx. Appreciate it.

I meant new footage though.

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