New images revealed for CTA Digital PS Vita accessories

Several new images have been revealed by for CTA Digital’s launch lineup of accessories for the upcoming release of the PS Vita video game system from Sony.

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sinncross2167d ago

that stylus is actually kinda neat. could be useful depending on the software in use.

I guess a nice addition to the OS would be writing recognition for typing messages like you get on Android (maybe iOS. not sure if it uses it)

Knushwood Butt2166d ago

The touch screen is extremely responsive - I can't see any reason for using a stylus as it's just more hassle picking it up when you can just use your finger.

tiffac0082165d ago

Maybe the Vita will have its own Cooking Mama game?

Daddy chef. LOL! XD

Friendly_fiend2166d ago

is this the ps vita....... no this is patrick

Half-Mafia2166d ago

Why on earth would you want the D-Pad to be like the one on the 360.

NellyNel_7_1_32166d ago

That stylus would be perfect for writing friends on your friend list, so that wont get smug prints all over your 5 inch oled screen..