Could Lumines Electronic Symphony Contain a Platinum?

"As we get near the Playstation Vita’s launch, many gamers are wondering just what titles to pick up. Among the various questions is how many trophies a game has. " - JPS

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bub162350d ago

i think every game should have a plat, if there are only 5 trophies. why not make a few time consuming ones?

admiralvic2350d ago

I don't agree, but I wish there was more logic or Sony would explain the system to consumers like us.

For a while people thought it was all retail titles, but some move titles lacked it. One of those was Kung fu Riders. Some people thought it was based off content, but some games simply have a story with a ton of tasks. Look into Trine... thats basically just a campaign thats fairly short, yet it has a platinum. Transversely Katamari Forever has a platinum, but Touch my Katamari doesn't, though they both should have roughly the same amount of content. Finally to make matters more confusing... Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater costs around 100 dollars and doesn't have a platinum?