What's your favourite type of game box? Because Vita boxes are now my new favourite type of game box

GamesRadar - Games come in boxes. The boxes that PS Vita games come in are more beautiful than other boxes.

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CrimsonEngage2346d ago

SNES boxes. The games always come with a poster you could hang on your wall, a dust cover for the cartridge and a manual that was more than 2 pages AND in color.

BattleAxe2346d ago

My GF has my favorite game box :D

GraveLord2346d ago

Plenty of PS3 games come with manuals that are more than 2 pages. A recent one is Final Fantasy XIII-2.

MasterCornholio2346d ago

The Vitas boxes are very nice and compact. I am happy that we moved away from those oversized SNES and PC boxes to a more small and compact form factor. The lack of paper manuals doesn't bother me because all Vita games comes with digital manuals.


TronEOL2346d ago

I think the Vita may take the cake for me as well. PS3 game cases are my current favorite, but I'm digging their PS3-mini style case.

Half-Mafia2346d ago

Vita cases are very big compared to what you get inside. Which is a piece of paper and the card which is about as big as a 50p coin.

But they had to be that big to stand out on the shelf.

Snookies122346d ago

PSP cases, I love how they were clear, and slim as well as small. Just made me happy to pick them up lol.

Rageanitus2346d ago

yah much too big.. but when placing these items on the store shelf they need to big visually catch a consumer.

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The story is too old to be commented.