GamesRadar - Which console will win 2012?

GamesRadar - Over the last couple of weeks, 2012's game-release schedule has begun to kick into high gear, with impressive titles in major franchises starting to roll onto store shelves at a steady clip. Even so, much of 2012 remains shrouded in a fog of mystery, so there's room for at least one more 2012 speculation article before we move on and focus on the concrete and tangible. And the early part of the year wouldn't be complete (at least not for us) without our annual guess at who'll come away as this year's console-war winner, based on what we know now.

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-Mezzo-2174d ago

Certainly an interesting year ahead of us. =]

disturbing_flame2174d ago

I think for the consoles i'll play more on the PS3, exclusives still releasing, there's a decent amount of them this year on Sony's console;

I'll use my xbox 360 for Halo 4 at the end of the year. I really hope the game will use a new engine, gears of war 3 looked really good past year so i expect a great episode of Halo with enhanced graphics.

So to me as a gamer, i think i'll be more focused on my PS3 this year.

Oh, the article was talking about sales. As a gamer this is not my problem. but i think 360 is going to do great ion the US, at Christmas with a new price it gonna sell crazy. And the PS3 gonna do great worldwide during this year. I think they can sell equally.

dedicatedtogamers2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

For sales? Probably 360, with a slight chance of the WiiU (or whatever it's called) edging it out if it happens to explode right out the gate. I think Microsoft will easily replicate their excellent 2011 year with a minor price drop on the core 360 system and another massive Kinect advertisement push.

In games, Imma go with PC or PS3. There are a ton of games coming out for those two platforms whereas the 360 and Wii are looking pretty vacant right now.

PCELITE2174d ago

PlayStation 4 will win.

Myst2174d ago

Well depends on whether or not we categorize it by region. For Japan depends which gets Monster Hunter. For US which has the best running Call of Duty (or something akin to a "quite" fast paced FPS).

Or maybe I'm wrong and this year it will depend on the quality of the games coming out and whether or not sleeper hits will come into factor.

hennessey862174d ago

As I own both........both will win

Optical_Matrix2174d ago

For me, PS Vita, PS3 and 3DS are going to absolutely kill it in 2012.

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