'Temple Run’ Hits 36 Million Downloads

We’re fans of outrageous numbers, if we didn’t know. Last week, actually, we common news of Jetpack Joyride‘s latest downloads. Since going free, the pretension has wrangled in around 13 million consumers. That’s a lot, right? Check this, though: Imangi’s Temple Run [Free] only strike 36 million downloads. That’s some-more downloads than there are people in Canada, or uh, roughly 35.9 million some-more blocks than my Church of Brad has in a Minecraft server.

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Gandalf2136d ago

I love playing this game on my iphone.

whitepwn2136d ago

It has 36mil downloads for a reason ;)

Mikhail2136d ago

Its free so i downloaded it and being the top free games in the chart would help too.

Sizzon2135d ago

Got it from App Store, quite enjoyable.

Half-Mafia2135d ago

I played this game 3 times and was done with it. Like most iOS games.

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The story is too old to be commented.