Have Games Become Too Casual?

GTANJ writes: "Skyrim is a vast game full of hundreds of quests, NPCs, and locations. It’s a game where you can be fighting a giant dragon that shoots fire from its mouth one moment to sneaking through a cave filled with wily bandits who would slit your throat at another. It’s also dreadfully, dreadfully easy.

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gcolley2321d ago

skyrim's problem is one of size and because of this there is a lot of hand holding

ginsunuva2321d ago

Skyrim is just useless landscape with all the events taking place in boring repetitive dungeons. The dragons lose their epicness after the 500th encounter. And the game starts to feel like a chore a bit later on.
There's so much content, which is a bad thing because most of it is not so high quality. Lots of quests, but they're all short, unsatisfying ones.... in dungeons, of course.

OhMyGandhi2321d ago

"The dragons lose their epicness after the 500th encounter"

....yeah it really sounds like you hate the game...I guess they should of made it interesting up until the 1000th encounter instead.

Gamer-Z2321d ago


And here i thought i was the only one that noticed and also fighting a dragon for the 100th time does get a little boring tbh. I think after i beat the game ill probably trade it in for Kingdoms of Amalur.

MaxXAttaxX2321d ago

Its problem for me was that the game doesn't make me care about the story or characters. No sense of drama or urgency.

JasonXS122321d ago

Overall, I think games have become more casual. There's no boasting factor about how you could beat this boss and yet your friends are still trying. I can't come up with a game like that off the top of my head but that s*** used to happen.

T9002321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

You want a challenge go ahead play a game like Dota, so much complexity in that game, hell it will have you take out a excel sheet just to figure out how you can min max your hero.

Imo the challenging games now a days are mods from gamers, developers have gone the route to approach the masses. I personally dont see much released in the past year which was of any challenge, aside from games like:

Shogun 2, Stalker COP.

dredgewalker2321d ago

God I still haven't played Shogun 2. I've been hearing many good things about it. Well I'm hoping that Stalker 2 would be released this year.

h311rais3r2321d ago

Get shogun 2. It's fantastic.

dredgewalker2321d ago


Don't worry I will haha. I've been itching for a good strategy game for a while.

LX-General-Kaos2321d ago

Mainstream games have become almost completely casual. Though there are a truck load of games for people that like a challenge. The only problem is that not many people buy those games so they are quickly swept under the rug. Devs risk their jobs by making the type of games that old school gamers like. People will beg for these games, but then go an purchase a mainstream game over it.

Im guilty of that as well. Though i do have a nice handful of more challenging game. My current gen library is littered with easy mainstream games. Im sure I speak for most with that.

decrypt2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Agreed, many games i played in the past year which were casual friendly. However the one that topped them all for me was Fable 3. Omg that game is literally created for people who are either 6 years old or just brain dead. I could literally clear waves of mobs by mashing one AOE spell lol. Personally i had to quit playing just got bored mid way.


Unfortunately the market is flooded with casuals, they outnumber the hardcore by a significant factor. Hence its only natural devs go where the money is. I have decided i wont be buying any more casual games, i will wait for reviews before picking anything up.

LX-General-Kaos2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Fable is a great example. I beat fable 2 and thought to myself. Wow this is way too easy, cant believe im playing this game. Then skipped right over games like dark Souls, but i sure did purchase my copy of fable 3 when the price went down.

I own Lost Odyssey but never play it because im too busy playing easier games like mass effect, halo, and gears 3. People like me is whats wrong with the industry. I am an ols school gamer but have become lazy, and have adapted to the new ways of things.

@ GTANJ that is absolutely correct. Future example, everyone on the internet seems to be begging for a great 1990s calibur jrpg. Lets see how many people buy Xenoblade, The Last Story, or versus 13 when they arrive.

GTANJ2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

What I find most troublesome, and something that I did not touch on in my article, is that games that cater to people who want a challenge generally do not sell well. People would rather have an effortless experience it seems, as long as things do not become frustrating for them. As you said, this causes problems for developers who are just trying to make a profit.

dredgewalker2321d ago

And also the casuals will always outnumber the hardcore. Gaming might have gone mainstream, but real challenging games are still not for the casual crowd.

tmoss7262321d ago

You want a challenge? Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2. Good lord the hardest games I've every played

GTANJ2321d ago

I have played Ninja Gaiden Black and you're right, it was pretty hard. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Ninja Gaiden game. Hopefully that can bring some challenge into my gaming life.

tmoss7262317d ago

I'm not sure if it'll be as good without Itagaki. But who knows.

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