9.3 DanceDanceRevolution II - Wii Review

"I don't think it was possible for Konami to predict what would unfold as they brought DDR to the Wii and later made it their flagship series. The Hottest Party titles were responsible for creating a very clear divide amongst fans of the franchise that most were probably unaware of. As a means of redemption and to put a stop to any kind of conflict, DanceDanceRevolution II brings all DDR fans back together to "share the love" (pun intended) they have for the franchise without having any of this casual vs. hardcore nonsense going on. Especially in light of how confusing Konami's last attempt was at trying to bring both audiences together, I was rarin' to see how they would use what they learned from previous titles in their approach to the latest DDR release. It took a couple years of playing around to get there, but they finally got it right with DanceDanceRevolution II." --

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