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GameSpot rounds up everything we know--and everything we think we know--about the Wii U, the PlayStation 4, and the Next Xbox.

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MultiConsoleGamer2168d ago

Nintendo wants GTA V on the Wii-U. Total rebranding. Dropping the Wii-U. Possibly adding a second camera. Downloadable GCN games. Wiimote 2.0.

The next Sony console won't be called "PlayStation 4." It also wont be a game console.

Xbox 10 (NextBox) has a tablet controller and there are at least two, if not three different models. Bluray is a no. High capacity DVD is a yes.

People say Apple is "jumping in" but in reality they're already here.

Colwyn2168d ago

wii u will be outdated on release and itll be comparable to consoles of this gen. fanboys seems to think itll be powerful and arent basing their guess on track record but pure hope.

MultiConsoleGamer2168d ago

Yeah, and the lack of hardware prowess really hurt the original Wii, right? Fanboys seem to think that graphical power is the only thing that matters. They aren't basing their opinions on logic but rather their own personal bias and/or a disdain for a particular company. Meanwhile history has proven them wrong time and time again. Weakest console always wins the gen.

Did I forget to mention that pretty much everyone knows that GTA V will be released on current gen hardware? Yeah, we'll there's that too...

Colwyn2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

the original wii is seen as rubbish among true nintendo fans that supported nintendo for years. some fans still supported the wii but realize the truth over a period of time how nintendo have abandoned them.

a fan is an ardent admirer of something. a fanatic is a person motivated by irrational a fan of nintendo but im not a fan of the wii or 3ds. the wii is and incomplete system in my eyes just like the 3ds is an incomplete system. the wii needed the wiimotion plus to make the controls a bit better but players still need to fight with the controls to play certain games. the 3ds is incomplete to the point where nintendo has released a add-on second circle pad which makes the system very bulky and defeats the purpose of portability. most wii fanatics get defensive as soon as they hear the truth about the wii being inferior hardware-wise or that it lacks core games. i see most people here being fanatics over video games to the point where anything that is not shared by the polulous is rated down and marked as trolling. most people here dont even have original thoughts on certain matters and their belief must fall inline with the hoy polloi. if nintendo had a proper intelligent fanbase then they would be able to give nintendo feedback on likes and dislikes but instead most are fanatics that would rather say yes to everything nintendo but plays other consoles or systems they secretly like more.

wii u will be outdated on release but fanatics dont want it so because they are suffering now by not playing the wii and lack an abundance quality core games. statistic show that not a lot of people play the wii close to the playing time as other hd consoles which means that even though most people like the wii, they like it because of brand loyalty.

the wii has bad controls and over 90 percent of the wii games would be better played using a traditional controller close to the design of the retro controller. i just stated a fact but some might see it as me being a fangirl for stating something that doesnt fall in line with the thinking of many others here. if i say the wii u will have outdated hardware, its because i believe it will going by nintendos track record and because of the type of gamer i am, it wont appeal to me. just like the ps vita being too powerful dont appeal to other people who are content with and inferior hardware of the 3ds or ds.i can respect people who like different things but people constantly want you to conform your beliefs to fit theirs and its silly.

xbl should be free and the ps3s psn is inferior to xbl because its missing cross game chat and easy ways to join up with friends in games. most gamers want next gen consoles because the xbox and ps3 are very outdated and suffers alot when running new games of today. developers have to compromise to much to get a game to run ok on a console which means we need very powerful consoles next gen. the pc will be my system of choice until next gen consoles are out.

my belief is that the wii u will be very inferior to the next xbox and ps4 next gen and im not saying that the wii u wont be good for some people but itll be too weak for me. just like the next gen consoles will be too powerful for some people.

Brettman20082167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I think it is mainly coincidental that the 'weakest console always wins the gen'. For example, PS2 was released earlier than the Xbox and had more developer support. I think the next gen consoles will be native 1080P with a substantial jump in graphical fidelity (and refinement) but this will be done using relatively low cost CPU/GPU, not cutting edge tech (to keep costs down). I think that the next PS/XBOX/Wii won't be much different in graphical abilities anyway. With their profitable game division, I think that Microsoft will be very aggressive this generation in a bid to take market leadership.

mamotte2167d ago

Fact: The WiiU has a touchscreen in the controller
We know nothing about everything else of any console

Fiction: Everything else, until definitive proof