Has Double Fine’s Kickstarter Success Opened Up Dev Scamming?

By now the entire world; sectors such as gaming, along with investing, and financing are on fire. Why? Double Fine Studios, and Kickstarter have changed everything we think about creative projects, and funding. Gaming is about always getting to the next level. Done...Except, has the success of Double Fine Studios million dollar run opened up developer scamming in crowdfunding?

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p0rtugalvii2290d ago

Nope. I'm not gonna give money to something that doesn't look good or by a developer i trust like Double Fine. If they're an upcoming indie dev and post a badass trailer and it checks out that it's legit, they can have some funding. If they have a text box of awesome, NO MONEY FOR YOU!

Soldierone2290d ago

How is it a "scam"?

I've used Kickstarter before. They lightly scan you to ensure you are actually do something. Not only that I'm pretty positive you have to sign an agreement once you put your project up that states the money will be used for the project.

You need to have a trailer, a synopsis, a gameplan, and something to give the people donating to your project. It's not just simply "hey I have an idea, fund me!" This is REAL people giving REAL money to REAL idea's that they liked. with a poor demonstration you will get no where, period.

You also need a reasonable goal (in this case 400k dollars) no one is going to make 400k in donations with a poor sale. If you don't reach the goal, the money is given back to the people.

Movie people and comic book people have been using Kickstarter for sometime now, and video games just now jumped in.

ShinMaster2290d ago

Has who's and what's success?

majiebeast2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Now that Obdisian is thinking about starting a kickstarter its a scam. The future of games fund the game buy the game buy the dlc yeah this is gonna work out great...

Im just gonna wait for the entitlement issues when the game isnt what people wanted.

Ducky2290d ago

'Fans' already have entitlement issues whenever a sequel is released anyways.

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