PlayStation Vita: More A New Console Than A New Portable?

Maybe the Vita hype would be higher if people didn't see it as "just another handheld," and viewed it as a "portable PS3."

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Colwyn2169d ago

ps vita is just a ps3 slim 2 and i love it.

GraveLord2169d ago

It's both. It's a portable console. Now, is that a good thing? In an age where free or $1 games are popular, I say yes.

illmatic2169d ago

I couldn't agree more. I have this same debate with coworkers all the time. They all seem to compare it to an iPhone or iPad, when in actuality it is a new "console". Now, I own an iPad 2, iPhone 4S and a PS Vita, and I would definitely not even consider comparing them. They all offer great functuality for what is expected of them.

Ethereal2169d ago

Updated my demo unit at work today and checked out the PS Store and map app. Awesome... seriously cannot wait.

MasterCornholio2169d ago

It's a portable console capable of playing console quality games. Which in my opinion are better cheap portable pick up and play games stuffed with mini games. If I want mini games I'll just download them for smartphone.


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