Should games even bother trying to tell a meaningful story?

ARS - For decades now, large parts of the game industry have been striving to create games that are more meaningful—games that can speak to the human condition and tell an impactful story that's deeper than "remember when I shot that guy?" At a DICE Summit presentation today, Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe made an impassioned argument that such efforts have been misguided, and a huge waste of the industry's time and resources.

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Megaman_nerd2323d ago

Well, I definitely didn't like GOW for its gameplay but for its presentation, setting and story which is kind of ironic since it was Jaffe who created it.

NovusTerminus2323d ago

If single player and story go out then so do I.

I hate most multiplayer games, and don't play online very often.

BlazBlue has a great story, and allot of games this gen have. But laziness has started to consume the devs, just slapping multiplayer in the game, and it is always deathmatch.