How close are we to truly photorealistic, real-time games?

ARS - Every graphical and technical advance the game industry has seen from Pong to Crysis has been a small step toward the end goal of a real-time, photorealistic 3D world that is truly indistinguishable from a real-world scene. Speaking at the DICE Summit Thursday, Epic Games founder and programmer Tim Sweeney examined the speed and direction of computing improvements and determined that we "might expect, over the course of our lifetime, we'd get to amounts of computing power that come very close to simulating reality."

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Colwyn2292d ago

asus max 4 e-z,3 gtx 580 3k-mb,i7 2600, 12gb ram, seagate 120sshdd running bf 3 on ultra without any compromise looks stunning and i cant wait to see something that is significantly better.

h311rais3r2291d ago

I agree 100%. I thought u had a 4k pc? Where do you live cuz that set up is 1500 where I am. (not trying to start an argument)

Colwyn2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

where do you live where you could buy my setup for 1500? i would love to know. also , it doesnt matter where you live it wont be cheap. please stop spamming my post when i told you its quite simple to prove what i have through easy means. if you like to run gtx 560s i dont care, but in my eyes its a waste when tying to run bf3 without compromise. 3 gtx 580 hc 3072mbs still retails for 2100quid where im from.

kcuthbertson2291d ago

That is not $1500 where you live... 3 580's cost that much alone.

Gaming1012291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

^ Colwyn lives in Britain and probably bought all that crap when it was really expensive when it first came out.

Plus, if the author of this article thinks we're going to spend more money on virtual items than we will on our houses and real estate, which is a 25 trillion dollar market, then he's higher than Charlie Sheen surrounded by call girls.

hennessey862292d ago

TV's will have to take a major step up in quality for one, two: even the uber powerful PC's of today can not get near photo realism (crysis mods are not games) and finally when its affordable to, I am sure if a company wanted to they could achieve it but the cost of the system needed to run such a game would be in the thousands just look at the samaritan tec demo

tmoss7262291d ago

In the thousands? I don't think it'll cost that much. LA Noire had the facial animations pretty down pat, and I don't think it costs more then $600-$700 to run that on a PC.

Letros2291d ago

Crysis mods are mods that run in the game Crysis...playable

Mrmagnumman3572291d ago

I have this crysis mod on my gtx 570

and it runs at close to 60 fps, and it looks close to photorealistic

ninjahunter2291d ago

Just for reference, Unreal said they could get the samaratin demo running on 1/3 the specs if they had time to optimize it. Ie a $2000 laptop could probably run it. or a $700 desktop.

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Knight_Cid2291d ago

and thats when realism as a game style becomes even mroe boring than it is now

Its no imagination

iamgoatman2291d ago

Realism doesn't necessarily mean a lack of imagination, you don't need a unique art-style for example to be artistic or creative, you can still do that whilst being as realistic looking as possible. In gaming I rate creativity more so in the general idea of the game rather than how it looks. I've played a load of very uniquely pretty games in my time that were also as shallow as a puddle.

Knight_Cid2291d ago

real forests, real ruins, real forests, real buildings


theres no imagination in realism. Because it is based on something thats there

kcuthbertson2291d ago


Better Graphics don't have to equal realism you know...

RevXM2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Goat man is right. bub up! ;)

To trolls and antirealism folks:

HERP and DERP on trolls.

Who is to say that a realistic games need to copy and look and be exactly like everything in the REAL WORLD?

Crysis is one of the most creativity inspiring action games out there. It will let you do a lot of things you could never do in other games, and there is still a lot of fiction and art to be found, the suit, the weapons, vehicles, MAP design, items and general design: "laptops" etc etc.

It has its own unique look on a lot of things but where it shines is where it hands you all these possibilities and let you be creative and play the way you want for the most part.

Realistic doesnt mean REAL, and IF it isnt real its coming from our imagination.
A lot of real things where imaginary once too. Like Helicopters, tv's, radio's, bikes, towels YOU NAME it. It had to be an idea and to be imagined before it could become real. So even if something is kind of realistic looking it doesnt mean its not original and creative.

256bit2291d ago

it took lots of computer power to render a single realism frame for avatar so we are not quite closely there yet with that kind of stuff on consoles.

bahabeast2291d ago

we are a $2000 dollar console away soo i'll wait patiently.

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