BioWare talks SWTOR endgame experience, future additions

TheBottomTicker writes, "One of the biggest critiques of BioWare’s Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG is the game lacks a true endgame. Sure, there’s PVP and Flashpoint/Operation raids. But whereas most MMORPGs feel like they just get started at max level, it is said that SWTOR feels like it drops off. Chalk it up to a really entertaining story during the leveling phase, or the unbalanced PvP, or whatever you want, but for some reason, SWTOR‘s endgame just can’t live up to the same enjoyment as leveling."

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Abriael2204d ago

One of the "biggest critiques" where? There's all the endgame options you'd find in any MMORPG. The only difference is that the rest of the game is actually good, compared to most MMORPGs where the rest of the game is just a grind.

I would avoid painting your own (misinformed) opinion as a "biggest critique". It's not.

coolbeans2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Pretty much this. I'm not sure how other MMOs did 2 months after launch, but thus far the endgame looks solid:

- 1 PVP Warzone
- 8 Hard Mode fps (4 of which are from normal 50 flashpoints)
- 2 Operations (with Normal and Hard Mode)
- 3 Normal PVP locales (Huttball, Ald., Void)
- 3 different tiers of endgame armor (3 PVP, 3 Norm)

I haven't played many MMOs in my day, but that seems like a pretty good list for the average player.