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I went into this game with realistic hopes and tempered optimism. Square-Enix did, after all, promise that they listened to criticism from fans over FFXIII. Sadly, the re-intigration of staples of the Final Fantasy series come off half-hearted and confused. It doesn’t help that the story comes out of left field. Sure it takes place after XIII, but that doesn’t help it make any more sense. I’ll elaborate as I continue. For now the story begins after the events of XIII with Lightning’s mysterious disappearance. However nobody remembers that she ever made it out of Cacoon alive except her sister Serah, and then this guy Noel goes flying through time somehow . . . anyway.

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iamtehpwn2351d ago

I love this game so much more than XIII.

BillytheAlien2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

After how much you've been on FF13 articles, bashing peoples opinions when they say something negative about the game...

...I'm not surprized, you would love it even if it was crap

...hang on a is

iamtehpwn2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Billy, after how many articles you've been on trolling the game and bashing those who have anything good to say about it...

Of course, because of people like you and Ramna1, there's now an Irrational Final Fantasy Fan meme:

KeybladeMaster2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Your entitled to your opinion and Billy is entitled to his. Lets all be adults here.

I have not seen or heard of that meme at all. As a matter of fact I don't think a lot of people have seen this "meme". So than technically it's not a meme if not many people know of the said "meme". I get the first one and that's fine but with the second one you brought in a game that has not been released or shown to the general public. It's essentially something that was probably made by a XIII fan to upset fans that are skipping XIII-2 and waiting for Versus XIII. It's petty.

Like I said everyone is entitled to there opinions but let me talk about facts now:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of the lowest scoring HOME CONSOLE Final Fantasy's, Examples:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (79):
Final Fantasy XIII (83):
Final Fantasy XII (92):
Final Fantasy XI (85):
Final Fantasy X-2 (85):
Final Fantasy X (92):

It is also one of the lowest selling HOME CONSOLE games of the franchise (according to 1st week sales (And for the sake of saving me time to crunch all the numbers lets just use Japan first week sales for all these games I am about to list)):

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (538,774):
Final Fantasy XIII (1,464,964):
Final Fantasy XII (1,819,872):
Final Fantasy XI (Sorry guys cant find any solid data on this game :-( )
Final Fantasy X-2 (1,561,553):
Final Fantasy X (1,906,152):

Again my point is not to tell you that your opinion doesn't matter, because everyone's opinion matters to someone. It's just that numbers never lie. And the numbers for XIII-2 are really not as hot as Square Enix would like people to believe. Square had to expect more from a Final Fantasy game and from a business stand point XIII-2 failed on them. Maybe this might cement the point that OTHER fans don't like XIII and that having the XIII associated
with any future FF title would only hurt that game in sales. Again these are the numbers and the numbers speak for themselves.

iamtehpwn2351d ago


It's a meme within the FF community.

They're floating out there if you look for it.

KeybladeMaster2351d ago

Eh I'll pass on going out of my way to find all these ridiculous pictures of some nerdy dude with random Final Fantasy puns at the fans of the series. What makes the series so great is the fans and the sense of a big community of FF fans. This is the first time I have seen such a great divide in the fanbase the way that XIII-2 has done. BTW I would love to hear your thoughts on the numbers I have posted above...

iamtehpwn2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )


Well, the nerd in the background isn't a random nerd. He's actually quite infamous on youtube for making the Weaboo FFXIII 360 rant:

XIII was a very lackluster game. It's not surprising that many people did not want to try XIII-2. With XIII-2 though, they definitely had the right idea behind how to return to a better shape and form for the series.

Making Final Fantasy XV would've better a better idea than XIII-2. XIII-2's low sales though aren't XIII-2's merit, they're on XIII's. As far as the metacritic goes, The game received mixed reactions. I can show you several 9/10 reviews and you can show me several 5/10 reviews. It's a polarizing game, and anyone who is under the idea that an FFXIII-2 could satisfy everyone would have to be delusional.

However, FFXIII-2 for me personally, is the best FF since X.

@GodMars below

I don't think it makes you a hater to dislike to FFXIII or XIII-2. There are some FF's that we all dislike/like. It doesn't make you more or less of an FF fan to like or dislike any FF.

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Godmars2902351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I give you your opinion - which is an apparent luxury I haven't been afforded - but please stop saying that the game should be selling better. Or that 2 million in sales for 13-2 is great when 13 did 6 million.

Sure Square's likely made a profit, but the the thing that needs to be looked at is the 4 million fans who had no interest in a sequel they didn't ask for in the first place.

You know, us "Haters."

[email protected]:
Tell that to Knight_cid and Elemental here:

Though one indicates sale numbers, the other when some are offered tries to use them as a negative while both slap on the "Hater" label.

Meanwhile its not enough for either of them or others that they simply like the game - it has to be a generally recognized success. Anyone who says otherwise - anyone who presents evidence to the contrary - is a hater and a troll.

I admit that posters like Ranma take their dislike of what Square's this gen too far, but you have to agree that many on your side of the fence are a bit too zealous as well. That such needs to end on both sides - for what little its worth when its Square that really needs to change and ship up.

Gamer-Z2351d ago

From what i've seen, played, and read iamtehpwn its actually worse than FF13. Anyone can see that the game is basically FF13's left overs with a tacked on story, i mean time travel? What a convenient way of explaining how all those levels somehow tie together. Also the new features (actually old from past FFs) that the true fans of the series were asking for were not even implemented and integrated into the game all that well.

Mykky2351d ago

Yeah me too! I also like the story. A good story in games these times are rare.
I don't get how people disagrees that you like xiii-2 more than xiii though.
Some of the gamers on here are really childish.

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Son_Lee2351d ago

I loved Final Fantasy XIII. I liked FFXIII-2 at first, but really, it has to be the worst FF I've ever played. The story is just terrible. It's full if missed potential.

Kurisu2351d ago

FFXIII-2 is an improvement in terms of openness, gameplay etc but the story is all over the place. When it's good it's good, but sometimes you could be like "what?" Still, I enjoyed the game, minus some bad story telling and a couple of mediocre areas. The music is also questionable at times. I am halfway through finding the fragments now, and on the search for Paradox Endings. Also just bought the Lightning Coliseum DLC so trying to recruit her to my party (but that monster crystal just WILL NOT appear D:)

Mykky2351d ago

Can you recruit Lightning to your party if you buy the DLC!?

Kurisu2350d ago

You can indeed! You can get Amador as well (Lightnings general). The fight starts off with just Lightning, but Amador joins shortly after and you fight them both at the same time.

Be warned though that they won't recruit to your team after one battle! It took me 13 attempts to get both of their "monster" Crystals (10 to get Amador, another 3 to get Lightning).

Amador is a COM, Light is a RAV. And they have amazing stats!

Jihl Nabaat DLC is on its way as well :)