Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review (RPGFan)

Stephen Meyerink: "There's a lot more than can be said about this game than I could ever communicate in a review, but this is one that I feel especially strongly about. This is a game designed by lovers of RPGs, for lovers of RPGs. It sidesteps much of the typical issues and tedium found in the different subgenres of the role-playing game in elegant ways, offers brutal and inventive combat, a huge world full of lore and characters to steep yourself in, sky-high production values, and hours upon hours of content. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was clearly a labor of love from creative people with the ways and means to bring their ideas to fruition, and it shows."

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RonaldRaygun2297d ago

My bad. I must've mixed the score up with another review I posted.

shammgod2297d ago

Lol read the description of the game on the toy r us website

NeoTribe2297d ago

Sounds good but I don't like the fact that u can change classes and attributes at any time. Kills the replay value. Means id only play it once rather than with every character. For that reason alone I won't be buying this one sadly.

SephirothX212297d ago

You don't have to change class if you don't want to. Doesn't not having to play it more than once save you time anyway? The game is long enough in one playthrough.

NeoTribe2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

From my understanding its like 40 hours long if u do everything. Correct me if im wrong. For an rpg thats not enough unless it has some kinda replay value. Reason i loved dragon age 1 so much is i was able to slap 70 hours into each class. Total of 210 hours. 40 hours isnt cuttin it.

HacSawJimThugin2297d ago

Changing class is one of the unique characteristics of this game. Exploring multiple destinies makes for an insane number of ways to do battle and showcase your power. You really should PLAY this game and try to ignore the misconceptions...just sayin'

Trenta272297d ago

A thing like that makes you not want to play a game? What ever happened to playing a game just for fun?

Pintheshadows2297d ago

I think you mean the main quest is 40 hours. There is an unbelievable amount of stuff to do.

schlanz2296d ago

First off the reported length is anywhere from 100-200 hours.. Second even if it was 40, which it isn't, that still comes to $1.50/hr if you bought the game full retail. How is that a bad value?

Third how in God's name did it take you 70 hours on your 2nd and 3rd Dragon Age plays... My 2nd and 3rd took less than half that and I did EVERYTHING. On hard.

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