Why We Love Our Commander Shepard

Many of us here at Kotaku like Mass Effect. And as people who like Mass Effect are wont to do, we really like to talk about its protagonist, Commander Shepard. Specifically, we like to talk about our Commander Shepard.

You see, despite the guy on the box, the main character in the actual game can look like... well, like just about anyone. Man, woman, black, white; the hero of the Mass Effect saga can never be thought of as one person. That fact may well be the game's single coolest feature.

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MaxXAttaxX2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Why I don't love being called "Shepard" even though I just created a custom character with custom first name. It defeats the purpose!
My last name is not Shepard. They could just make the characters in the game just call you "Commander". Period.

On top of that, customization kinda sucks.
All you can change is the face and hair, and even that is really limited with terrible hair and color choices.

N311V2075d ago

I left him as he was. At first I created a custom looking character but for some reason it felt wrong in this game, I had to start again and use the Shepard as he was on the box.