EDGE - Opinion: Welcome to Amalur

EDGE - From cellophane to opening cutscene, it's as if Kingdoms Of Alamur: Reckoning doesn't seem to care about you playing it.

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shammgod2319d ago

Good ol' EA. Well if you plan on playing Mass Effect 3 you are going to have the exact same experience. Maybe worse as it links previous game saves. F EA!

Christopher2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Nothing to do with Amalur, everything to do with EA. Furthermore, have they not played ME2, DA: Origins, and DA2? Kind of old arse news. Considering it takes a matter of minutes to get through all of this horrible stuff and you never worry about it again, I guess it was time to complain with the fact that games are made by companies and not good faeries or anything of the sort.

Edit: This also now brings to light some question as to their scoring of the game.

Adexus2319d ago

As I was reading through this list all I could think of was "Stop being a whiny bitch", complaining about the most mundane things. Oh no! There's a load game on the menu when I haven't played it! Good heavens, why is there a shiny star next to DLC! I cannot even fathom being be bothered to type in characters for DLC! Get me off this screen! What is this? Entering in my characters name!? AH TOO MUCH EFFORT!

gcolley2319d ago

pretty pointless article, don't bother