Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review (CraveOnline)

We’ll start here: if you played the demo and formed your whole opinion about this game then and there, you’ve made a mistake. 38 Studios and Big Huge Games should be probably be banging their heads against a wall for releasing that buggy demo to the masses. It gave a taste of the game they delivered, but that taste wasn’t very accurate.

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joab7772232d ago

I agree completely. The demo does no justice. It felt different even playing through the part repeatedby the demo. It just gives u the sense of greatness to come, of places to explore and ppl to meet and help. I had the same problems and maybe they shoulda gone fully in biowares direction by voicing my character especially considering how good the actors are. I started it on hard and I must admit that it isn't easy. I love how they mixed real time combat w stats, forcing me to always be aware of the enemies HP gauge. Its been awhile since I actually saved before simple fight because I feared getting my butt kicked. Skyrim doesn't do that, dragon age didn't. I could go on & on and I'm not that far in. I am loving it. Its a wonderful surprise and lead up to mass effect 3, & the witcher 2. I may be rpgd out by summer and i never thought I'd b saying that this Gen.