Can Little Big Planet Karting succeed where Modnation Racers failed?

ChronoJoe writes:

"This week attendees of Playstation Destination were treated to the surprise reveal of Little Big Planet karting. Featuring the lovable Sackboy character.

Self evidently, the game would appear to be a kart racing game incorporating, presumably mechanics from Little Big Planet. As you can see on the right the advertisement says ‘Play, Create, Share’ so it seems relatively safe to say we can expect to see the game sporting similar features to Little Big Planet."

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GribbleGrunger2228d ago

i'll answer that when i know something, anything about the game. Jeeeees....

MultiConsoleGamer2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I don't think Mod Nation Racers failed but I am really looking forward LBP Karts. Of course they're going to have to come up with a better name, but if the concept is as limitless as the main LBP series, this could turn into the "karting game of forever."

Think about it...

360GamerFG2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Karting game of forever. . .it's comments like these that build hype and ultimately lead to disappointment and calls of bias. We've seen virtually nothing about this game and already you are hyping it simply because it is an lbp game. Granted, past games in the series have been stellar, however this is a departure from that formula and so a wait and see approach would be more advisable at this point.
There was much hope and hype for both Socom 4 and R&C All 4 One based on past successes, but the finished products proved that betting on products based on previous iterations is not always sound practice, especially if it is a depature from the winning formula (Socom 4 tried to be CoD TPS and R&C shifted its focus to 4 player co-op)
@below. Reading too much into it? Lol all you have to do is check out the comment sections of the games I mentioned before and after their release and you'll see I'm right.

MultiConsoleGamer2228d ago

You're definitely reading too much into this.

t0mmyb0y2227d ago

and you used departure 2 many times (C wat I did there)

360GamerFG2228d ago

Did Modnation even reach a million sales? I know it came close but I doubt it did. If publishers were a bit less secretive about games budgets we'd be able to gauge whether or not a game was a success.
Critically, the game was well recieved for sure.
Financially, it sold well enough to spawn 2 handheld sequels but not well enough to get a follow-up game on console and is thus being replaced by LBP Karting which to me is a very smart business move.

ChronoJoe2228d ago

Nope, 0.9. That's why I called it a failure, really.

trouble_bubble2228d ago

Awful reason. It'll pass a million lifetime.

A new fringe IP that sells a million is not a fail btw. Just saying. It's cartoon karting. The fact it sold a million is about 900,000 more than most prolly expected it sell.

Be reasonable. Comparing it to Mario? An almost 30 year icon? Next to Mario Kart's 31 million sales, EVERYTHING failed. Halo, GT, Metroid, Zelda, Metal Gear etc.

ChronoJoe2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

LBP hit 4million simply by presenting a new idea to players.

0.9 million? so-so critical reception and poor marketing caused this. It fell waaay short of expectations.

Heck, even beyond the figures the developers killed this games community within WEEKS of release, the largest MNR fan community was shutdown due to inactivity within 2 months of release.

I don't expect mario karts 30million figures. But 2-3m would have marked this game as a success. As is all it's seen are downscaled ports for PSP and PSV. Only reason these exist is because they cost next to nothing to produce. All the models in MNR are designed to downscale for performance really well - you can see this in split screen.

ThatOneGuyThere2228d ago

900k is a moderate success, not a failure. The PSP version was awful, I'll give you that. MNR's biggest problem in my opinion is the load times. I think a lot of people who got the game got tired of it taking so long to get started every time. It's a pretty big barrier. I think the LBP: Karts will be a much better game however. Mainly because there will be infinite game modes to create, etc. not just karts and tracks.

ChronoJoe2227d ago

As far as I'm aware successful racing games on PS3 sell closer to 2m. With the exception of some that are higher.

And beyond that, games within the same target audience marketed well have sold 3-5 million with the launch of their IP, even when the Playstation had a smaller install base.

I bet the game didn't meet its sales targets.

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will_c_752228d ago

This is very smart, and should have been this way from the start. If sony does this right it could be a giant cash cow. If it takes a cue from rockband, and let this, lbp2, and all dlc work across the games. The significance of this title isn't the karting at all, but the engine, especially if the rumor of UFG doing the game is true. Then you could make any kind of game you wanted, at least in third person view. Then you could preload peoples levels or games onto your vita, and have limitless gaming on the go. Because you can play the ps3 version of ugc through mod nation and lbp vita. This could help the ps3 a bit as it as resourses are transitioned to will be lbp sports resort, made by zyndagi, so you can really make your own move games.

-Alpha2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I think ModNation, now that it exists, should be pushing the genre itself for Sony and there should be a ModNation 2 instead of having LBP create some internal competition.

Personally, I'd really like to see a Sackboy Adventure game, a la Mario Land 64 or Sonic Adventure. I find the world of LBP to be pretty imaginative for an otherwise dull generation, and I think it would be perfect for Media Molecule to dive into a Minecraft/Super Mario platforming kind of series. Push the platforming into the next logical step and wow the fans with a radical spin off.

Imagine being able to make platforming levels in a fully 3D environment while having a main story in a fully 3D LittleBigPlanet universe. Nintendo really knows how to make their franchises work like that, and I always felt that it would have been good to push Sackboy like that for Sony. The more appeal Sackboy has, the more we can see him in other genres like Sackboy Party. I'd love a good Mario Party game for the PS3, I used to play the hell out of Sonic Shuffle on DC.

But I digress-- there's so little we know about LBP Kart Racing, and Mm are a creative bunch, but there's also so much I can imagine for them to push in an otherwise formulaic genre, especially when Sony added a huge part (creating tracks) with MNR.

ChronoJoe2228d ago

Personally I think it makes more sense to pursue karting with the LBP IP.

Because LBP games have proven to sell better so they have an existing fanbase they can launch off of.

Most of Little Big Planets current community was pretty disgruntled with the lacking creation in Modnation Racers. Originally we had Little Big Planet Central, and then Modnation Racers Central - Modnation Racers however was shut down really quickly after release. The community was dead on arrival.

It'll be much easier for them to launch from an existing community / fanbase. As I say - Modnation doesn't have one.

ThatOneGuyThere2228d ago

going with LBP is definitely the better choice. MNR is a very fun game, but it doesnt have the freedom the LBP games feature. People will know what to expect and actually get what they expect with a LBP racer.

TronEOL2228d ago

I think the reason they're doing this is because LBP is supposed to be Sony's Super Mario. So it only makes sense for them to make a LittleBigPlanet kart racing game.

I'm sure we'll see Sackboy show up in more gameplay styles sometime in the future.

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