EDGE - Did Double Fine just kill the publisher?

EDGE - Tim Schafer's studio has raised $400,000 to fund development of a game most publishers would have dismissed out of hand. Where do we go from here, asks Nathan Brown.

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Titanz2204d ago

Though Mr.Schafer did a heck of job raising money to fund his title.

dedicatedtogamers2204d ago

Oh boy oh boy. Okay, here's the deal: Kickstarter has been around for a while now, and it has already done the rounds in other game hobbies. I'm a big boardgaming fan, and Kickstarter has been used in many, many instances to fund boardgames that otherwise wouldn't have found a publisher. Several exceelent boardgames have come out of this.

However...'s now oversaturated. Now EVERYONE wants to put their boardgame on Kickstarter, and so everyone's attention (and money) is divided between a lot of little projects.

A Schafer/Gilbert game was sure to attract attention, whether or not Kickstarter was involved. Yep, Kickstarter helped them get the money faster, but that first game is always the flash in the pan, the shining star. Believe me: wait for 18 months when every single yahoo wants to be the next big game developer and there are 1,200 Kickstarter game projects out there. Mark my words.