Rayman Origins Review (Crush Frag Destroy)

CFD!'s Lucy Harrington takes a look at this under-appreciated release from the end of last year:

"In a world where we praise dull, grey landscapes for their ‘likeness’ to real-life portrayals of war, Rayman Origins‘ 2D landscapes are refreshingly lush, full of vibrant colour and contrast. Whether you are swimming through underwater worlds or exploring beautiful jungles, the attention to detail is clearly of paramount importance to the developers. Every world is consistently fluid and full of charm. Rayman Origins owes its predecessors for its roots in 2D platforming and although it does take cues from the original, it still grows and flourishes on its own merits."

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RobsteinOne2173d ago

Such a gorgeous game... Fun, too!

acronkyoung2173d ago

Still got this sitting on my shelf in the plastic wrap. Haven't had the time to play it yet, but definitely wanted to support the product.

ShadowPraxis2173d ago

I've never played any of the Rayman games - never really appealed to me.

However, all the hype thing one got... has me reconsidering.

MacUser19862173d ago

One of the best games of 2011 in my opinion.