Emergency Mayhem Comes to Wii - Trailer and Screens

Today Codemasters announced it will be bringing Emergency Mayhem, a new action racing title that merges arcade gameplay with mini-game goodness, exclusively to Nintendo Wii. Gamers will have to wait until the second quarter of 2008, but be prepared to chuck bananas at monkeys while simultaneously defusing bombs and driving a police car. That is, of course, unless IGN misread the press release they sent…

Emergency Mayhem is out to "combine chaotic driving sequences with arcade mini-games", as players will take to the streets in police cars, fire trucks, and paramedic vans to conquer over 30 missions in what appears to be a "Crazy Taxi meets Wario Ware" design. Players begin by chasing to the scene of the emergency as quickly as possible, only to have the action switch up to action mini-games, each using the Wii remote in crazy and unique ways. Think you can disarm a bomb? So what, punk. Who can't? Launching bananas out of a cannon at irate monkeys, however, is a whole new ballgame. They don't teach that in school.

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