‘Spec Ops: The Line’ Lead Designer Talks Characters, Weapons & Environment Hazards

Cory Davis, Lead Designer at Yager Development for Spec Ops: The
Line, discusses changing character dynamics in story, Yager's Technology built on top of Unreal Engine, bending reality with sticky grenades and choices that will affect the gameplay and ending.

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cbclerk2322d ago

That was a beefy interview! Dig interviews with the lead designers on games.

docbeez2322d ago

LOL @ what the NPC characters say at 1:30. i've liked spec ops since the playstation days. the dubai setting looks good and it sounds like it will be a fun game. If i'm finished playing Mass Effect 3 by then i'm all over it

tboyshinobi2322d ago

I don't know if it can beat out Killzone or Gears of War - those are
two of my favorite 3rd person shooters

xPhearR3dx2322d ago

Uhhhhhh, Killzone is a FPS.......

andron6662321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

The mysterious character your trying to find is named John Konrad, and the game is described as a dark journey.

Joseph Conrad wrote the book Heart of Darkness that Apocalypse Now that inspired Apocalypse Now...