GameSpot Reviews NiGHTS Wii: 7.5/10

It may not have the same magic as its lauded predecessor, but Journey of Dreams is still a fun, if inconsistent platformer that positively drips with style.

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MK_Red3841d ago

Has Sega screwed up another great franchise / classic? 7.5/10 is usually a good score but for NiGHTs, I was expecting much more and the fact that Wii motion sensetive controls aren't implemented well enough is simply unforgivable.
Still, I haven't had any hands-on with it so who knows, it may be just GameSpot.

wiizy3841d ago

this game sounds like a great game and deserve a purchase... a review can only go so far. and sega has been supportive

MK_Red3841d ago

I don't know. This and the 6.5/10 from IGN kinda discouraged me. Still, reviews are nothing but a bunch of words and scores but the fact that the controls might be imperfect really worry me.