NowGamer - Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Preview

NowGamer - It’s not 1996 any more, which is bad news if you’re Sega, Kevin Keegan or a platforming game. Platformers only have two places to exist nowadays – beneath the boots of military shooters crushing everything in their path and on PSN where their dudebro size 11s won’t fit.

It’s not a surprising state of affairs. There’s nostalgia for the older titles, but zero demand for new ones as gaming’s push for an older demographic has left the bright buoyancy of colourful platformers behind.

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Ilovetheps42200d ago

I can't wait to see how this game turns out. Hopefully it's as good as Sucker Punch's own Sly games. I've been waiting for a new entry into the series for a long time.

Cajun Chicken2200d ago

Got into this series in a big way with the HD collection, it's like Lupin III with slick furries.