1UP - Unit 13 Adds Decent Shooting And Intriguing Social Mechanics to The Vita Library

1UP - A shooter with two analog sticks is just business as usual, but Unit 13's social sharing makes it stand out among the initial Vita lineup.

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Sithlord-Gamble2351d ago

I wasn't gonna buy this, but the more I hear/read the more interested I am becoming.

-Mezzo-2351d ago

Same here, i might just pick this up.

MySwordIsHeavenly2351d ago

I'm sure it will be a good game, but I'll wait for something like Resistance or Killzone. :)

I just got to play the Vita for the first time today and I'm SOLD! Gravity Rush is the must-have launch title for me. I'll get Uncharted as well...and probably Katamari...but still. Lol.

despair2351d ago

I really like the pick up and play attitude they took with the game. Combine that with chasing high scores and leveling up is a great thing. Plus from the couple demos I saw it looks solid in the gameplay department. Not sold on a day 1 purchase but maybe down the line.