The Stupidest PS3 Password Story Ever

Kotaku - When Sony was hacked in 2011, it was major news. People's personal information was put at risk. This latest PlayStation password story is not major news. It shouldn't even be on television.

TV Asahi, a major Japanese television network, is reporting that Ramos Angelo Miguel, 22, was arrested in Tokyo's Fussa City for using somebody else's PlayStation Network ID and password without permission. Ramos supposedly downloaded two on-demand movies.

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BiggCMan2294d ago

"This latest PlayStation password story is not major news. It shouldn't even be on television."

So we here at Kotaku are gona put it up on our website anyways because we have nothing better to do!

h311rais3r2294d ago

Something like this needs to be in the net. Cuz it's funny.

ZBlacktt2294d ago

Brian Ashcraft, you're an idiot. Clearly the whole principle of the story is over your head. Clearly you are not up to date about what's happening in the real world with laws and bills on this matter. It's people like this person stealing that is causing all the problems. Now times that by millions of thieves. There's an example being made here and that is the point of the story.

Somebody2293d ago

It's things like these (personal info theft, credit card fraud) that made me fear of applying for a credit card. I missed a lot of Steam discount offers because of that. I even missed out on some of the DLCs and expansions that are tempting to me.

I tried to to apply for one last year...then, the Sony hack happened. Followed by the Steam forum breach. Then ,the purported X Box Live hack. Not to mention that Anonymous can easily hacked into whatever site they want to and post every piece of info, dirt or no dirt, for the world to see.

I crawled back into my cave and continued to buy retail copies which getting less and less every year.

So yeah, this article missed the point of all the ruckus about the implication of the password theft.

Marceles2294d ago

"Stupidest" god...