Why Won’t My Parents Play Video Games With Me?

Kotaku - Why won't my father game with me?

It's a question I am sure is echoed within the gaming community in varying forms: why won't my mother play with me, why won't my parents game with me? Variations on the same heartrending sentiment that to some like myself serve as an overwhelming source of sadness as adulthood continues to creep in. As I continue to carve out a path for myself as a games writer, looking to turn my lifelong hobby into a self-sustaining career, I am reminded with every new achievement of my childhood, when gaming wasn't only my most passionate endeavor, but the activity that formed a stalwart bond between my father and me.

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360ICE2322d ago

...Because you're adopted, I guess?

360ICE2322d ago

You sir, offend the entire adopted race! Adopted people may not be human, but they have nearly 15% of the emotion we normal, talented handsome people have, and you know what? 15% of perfection is more than good enough to take jobs at gasoline stations in my eyes. I'm not picky about who serve me, no sir, unlike you my good man. I do not approve sir. Not one bit.

MariaHelFutura2321d ago

It's for the same reason you don't want to watch "Dancing With The Stars" with them.

GribbleGrunger2322d ago

because he thought you'd be working on a decent site?

Goozex2321d ago

I have Been gaming for 25+ years and Im def going to pass the tradition over to my son/daughter as soon as he/she pops out his fall. Gaming FTW!

tigertron2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

To be fair, older generations i.e. 50+ didn't grow up in a place where video games have had such a big impact and so many parents are unfamiliar with playing games. My mum rarely plays although she only really likes Crash Bandicoot (her favourite) we did used to play Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, 007 Nightfire, Porche Challenge and Street Fighter.

I think now that our society is being brought up on technology, many parents in my generation will be able to play games with children. If I have kids one day (which I do want), I'll definately play video games and destroy them.

stevenhiggster2321d ago

It's just different generations. I have a 9 month old son and I'm sure in a couple of years it'll be me saying 'why won't my son game with me?'

Saying that though my dad is a major EVE addict, he's been playing that since the beginning! I also have lots of friends my own age (30) who don't game at all. So I guess it's just who you are.

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The story is too old to be commented.