IGN: Battlefield: Bad Company Updated Impressions and Videos

When Crytek's spiritual successor to Far Cry was announced and demoed for the gaming press last year console gamers' hearts skipped a beat when they thought of the possibility that Crysis could one day make it into their homes and onto their next-gen system. Ever since that day Crytek has denied -- one way or another -- that their latest smash hit will ever run on a home system. Well ladies and gentleman, fear not, the Swedish game makers at DICE have created something that is completely console exclusive and will make you forget all about Cry… something or other.

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Violater3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch thats some destruction

now show me it isnt just a gimmick

JasonPC360PS3Wii3781d ago

Howdy neighbor "BOOM!" sorry neighbor, I can fix that.

solar3781d ago

thats looking pretty sweet. please grace us with keyboard and mouse config tho :D hopefully they can keep the frames/graphics/destruction at max for the multiplayer.

socomnick3781d ago

no mouse and keyboard. Console games should only be with controllers with the exeption of rts they need mouse and keyboards.

solar3781d ago

if consoles want to be more like pc's with online gaming, internet browsers, etc then give me the option to play games like its a pc.

socomnick3781d ago

I kinda agree with you but I think in order to even the playing field it should stick to controller only. But you should also have a choice of using it for sp.

solar3781d ago

id like them to do as ut3 did. have servers that do or do not allow keyboard and mouse players. easy as pie and we all get what we want :D

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LinuxGuru3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Now that just pissed me off when I saw the tree fall on the roof of the house....and it exploded....

(3:06 and 3:13, both in bottom video)

What the hell?

Trees don't explode on contact with roofs!

They better fix that.

Everything else is spectacular, though. Well done and bravo to this new entry in the Battlefield series.

dachiefsman3781d ago

I thought it was great....

in my personal opinion your being a little to nit picky for something that has the potential to change the way a game is played online for consoles.....

ravinash3780d ago

It looks like a nice game, but the explosions don't look real.
Plus when you see to bullets shot out of the gun and hit the house, the sparks make the house look small and right in front of you rather that a full sized house meters away. It just didn't look right.

LinuxGuru3780d ago

I'm not being nitpicky....

A f*cking tree doesn't f*cking explode when it hits a f*cking house!

There, is that better for ya'?

The developers want to achieve therefore they need to make it so TREES don't make WALLS explode!

Am I getting through yet?

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The story is too old to be commented.