GameStop/EBGames Tales of Graces F Pre-order Bonuses Confirmed For The US As Well "The pre-order bonuses from GameStop/EBGames that were previously announced for Canada have also been confirmed be available for US buyers."

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nyobzoo2297d ago

nice, might pre-order then, unless amazon has something

[email protected]2297d ago

Gamestop is a no-no. Bestbuy or Amazon. is the way for me :D

DarthSidious2297d ago

Yea, Best Buy or Amazon are the way to go. At least they don't sell used games as new and let their employees "rent" them.

coryok2297d ago

i already have it preordered from amazon, would like to keep it there - hope they get something, amazon credit would be awesome, if they dont ill be switching to gamestop though

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