Skylanders sells over 20m toys

Skylanders has apparently sold in huge quantities worldwide

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MultiConsoleGamer2297d ago

The Skylanders craze is huge. I knew it was getting a big push at retail. I saw it everywhere I went. (I'm always spying on the brick and mortar shops.) But I never expected this sort of demand. It seems every time I visit the stores I see kids or their parent buying this stuff. I was behind someone in Walmart tonight who was buying Skylander toys. This company has done something amazing.

And thing about it, the toys work on any console. So even though the game discs are made for specific machines, the toys crossover, making this the first truly cross platform video game. The toys bridge the gap.

Titanz2297d ago

Gotta give them credit create for creating IP's that the majority of people are hooked onto.

AWBrawler2296d ago

I can't find Hex or Terafin anywhere

seamus1212296d ago

just like i cant find prism break, lightning rod or drobot

seamus1212296d ago

IT REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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