Mass Effect 3 Concept Art SPOILERS about the Story.

Now keep in mind this is a SPOILER so don't look if you don't want to miss out on something as a surprise.

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DaThreats2292d ago

This may relate to why Cerberus is attacking shepard

I saw the pic..
uve been warned..

lashes2ashes2292d ago

How is this a spoiler. It clearly sayes it was a scraped concept. Plus it was extremely strongly hinted said character from the image is indoctrinated. Pretty much everybody I know had that fingered out by the end of mass effect 2

crxss2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

*spoiler reply*

the art was scrapped not the concept. and how did you think was he indoctrinated? he revived shepard and wants to destroy the reapers... what are you "fingering" on about?

lashes2ashes2292d ago

He does not want to destroy the reapers. He made that clear in mass effect 2. Since its a mass effect 3 spoiler I will not go into details but severel magazine have spoiled what he wants the reapers for. Plus the photos we are talking about say right on them he is indoctrinated. I don't remember the exact part in mass effect 2 it hints that he is, but I talked to lots of other players that got the same feeling by the end of the game. Sorry for the spelling errors. I'm half asleep and trying to type on a iPad.

crxss2292d ago

maybe he gets indoctrinated in ME3? why would he revive shepard if he didn't want the reapers destroyed? the collectors were working for the reapers as well and the illusive man wanted them destroyed? what?? i doubt he was indoctrinated in me2 since he hadn't even come into contact with a reaper... or did he... i forgot