[PS3] New Afrika Trailer Analysis

Avid Gamer dissect the most recent trailer of the intriguing game Afrika. Being developed by Sony for the PS3, AG offer up everything that is understandable from the trailer.

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Filanime033834d ago

I hope this game is much deeper than a photography game. I hope this game will be similar to spore or a sim like game that would be cool. I hope on E3 this year we will have new trailer that will describe this game.

darx3834d ago

It should be the winner of the crappiest game of '08.

I put this up there with "Jackass" the game and the "Orange County Choppers" game.

Uber Lame!

coolfool3834d ago

This game is way too pretty to be "just a photography" game. I think there will be loads more to it.

But as always we will have to wait and see.........

dhammalama3834d ago

Even if it's just a photography game it will be neat to play around with.

picker3323834d ago

I don't think so?
We don't know what you gonna do in this game yet so...
I hope shooting(with weapons)
If it is a photoshoot game then i'll pass.
But it's a beautiful game,no doubt about that!

malingenie3834d ago


hehehe... I dont think it will appeal to frag frantic folks. I'd like it, if it lets me put a crocodile and a zebra together. See if they fight.. or mate...

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