Sony: We Should Probably Develop Less Games

Despite being one of the best publishers in the industry, and managing to bring out critical hit after critical hit, Sony has failed to produce huge chart-topping games like Gears of War and Halo. Outside of Gran Turismo, Sony’s IPs have yet to hit the big time, partially due to poor marketing – something that Sony’s Worldwide Studios President has taken notice of. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2350d ago

Oh hell no, don't you dare Sony

dbjj120882350d ago

Microsoft has proven they don't need to develop games, just gimmicky inaccurate motion cameras.

gamingdroid2350d ago

That is entirely incorrect. Lots of core games are released by third party developers and MS delivers a few *major* hits every year.

Without Kinect, MS like Sony might have to scale down their support. Having additional market is unlikely to hurt, but only help.

Sony needs to expand their market, because PS3 among core gamers are saturated.

SuperLupe2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I think Sony is right on this one. The only PS3 exclusive that I cared about this year was UC3 like a lot of people since its by far the best selling PS3 exclusive in 2011. Cant care less for the likes of KZ3 or Motorstorm Apocalype for instance and so do the majority of PS3 games hence the low hype and ok/poor sales.

Praise Sony all you want guys but lets be honest here. Nobody cared abot 80% of the PS3 exclusives that came out this year from the day they got announced. A lot of people just hyped them up for braghing rights. And the "ok" sales and unexistant hype at launch prove it.

LBP 2, KZ3, Socom 4, Resistance 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, White Knight Chronicles 2 are all games dont dont benifit the PS3 sales wise and dont seem to vehicule much excitement outside of gaming forums.

Rather than pumping one exclusive per month that not much people care about Sony should produce half the games but give us the likes of MGS5 (even if its not 1st party) GT6, GOW4, Syphon Filter (5 years after launch, where the heck is it ?) etc.

Oh and also learn to advertise: Move gimmick comes out and nobody gives a crap, Kinect gimmick comes out and smashes everything.

@below: 1- you dont have any figures to prove that

2-everybody knows that the Kinect benefited MS at least 1000 times more than the Move benefited Sony

3- If the Move had never come out it would not have changed ANYTHING for the PS3 --> HUGE waste of money/time/R&D for Sony. Its like it never even launched. They should have sabed the money for something else rather than a gimmick that even the biggest of fanboys would take for free.

On the other hand MS spent money on Kinect and they are reaping the benefits --> best selling console in 2011 worldwide, record benefits for the gaming divisoon etc.

You have to spend money to make money.

BitbyDeath2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

@Superlupe, MS lost 500 million on advertising Kinect and only just scrapped ahead of the move. That was a bad Move IMO(excuse the pun)

360GamerFG2350d ago

Lost 500 million? You mean spent 500 million. They made a healthy profit despite spending half a billion to market Kinect. Thats like saying SONY lost 60 million on GT5. . .no, they spent it. You gotta spend money to make money, ever heard of that?
So Move has also sold 18 million units at $150? What's that? No? Oh then I'd say it was money well spent.

SuperLupe2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Dont even bother dude. I bet the people running Sony have tha same logic as their followers.

No wonder they have fallen so fast.

Kinect has been nothing but a money maker and a huge benefit to the 360 concerning sales/popularity/market penetration etc. But to a Sony guy thats money "poorly spent" :/

I guess money well spent is developing a product (Move) and then letting it out to die. Thats how you do it. In that case why even bother ? Rather use that money on something else that will actually help your console sell more, like another AAA or better advertising.

killerhog2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )


Stop speaking for everyone. Kz3 is at 2.18 million. Lbp 2 is also over 2 million, I believe (could be wrong). So cut your bs indiscerning statements. Selling a million is not a fail nor does it mean "nobody is interested" like you are trying to speak as it is.


Ah, I see you're a MS fanboy. Boy you really tried hard to not show it but your comments give it away. I had a feeling, by how you kept trying to talk for everyone and hyped MS but downplayed Sony. Ah, these undercover trolls.

Dante1122350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

@ Lupe

I wish Kinect sales benefited me or the community in some way (Not seeing anything for the hardcore gamer). I really hope the 360 has more hardcore exclusives this year instead of Kinect games. Feels like Microsoft is gonna be going the way of the "casual gaming console" next gen (Way of Nintendo).

trouble_bubble2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

"LBP 2, KZ3, Socom 4, Resistance 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, White Knight Chronicles 2 are all games dont dont benifit the PS3 sales wise and dont seem to vehicule much excitement outside of gaming forums. "

Oh Lupe. I think the problem is more that people don't know a good thing when they see it and think their subjective taste somehow supercedes countless GOTY awards including the AIAS, almost 8 MILLION in sales over 2 games of a new IP, and 2 of the highest rated metacritic games this gen at 95 & 91. Better than Halo & Gears avg.

I'm talking of course about LBP 1 & 2 which you just unbelievably called a liability for all intents and purposes. And you think Syphon Filter would do better than a 5 mil' debut and 95/100 avg?

The good games are there. People just have bad taste, or don't know about industry numbers as much as they think they do. If KZ3 hitting 2 mil' is bad, then wtf is Halo Anniversary for doing less? It's Halo. By fanboy logic, the brand alone should be pulling in 7 million a pop. But it ain't. 2007 is gone.

tiffac0082350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Just to be clear, White Knight Chronicles 2 is not developed by Sony. It was developed by Level-5. Sony just published the game in Japan and D3 in the west.

As for the topic at hand. The real problem with Sony is not the number of games they're making, its putting too much money on the unprofitable part of their company like their TV and smartphone division.

I said this before in another topic, if Sony would just focus their investments on the divisions that actually makes a profit for them, like their Playstation division then they can have a chance to be a leader in one market and not always be behind on every market.

I mean they just need to invest their money wisely. :/

princejb1342350d ago


yea some of those games you mentioned i don't care either like LBP 2, KZ3, Resistance 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, White Knight Chronicles 2

but the other games i wasn't able to buy because I been unemployed for almost a year, having a hard time finding employment

i believe if the economic was better than it is now sony would have huge sales also

TheLastGuardian2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )


You might not be interested in those games but 8 out of 10 of my favorite games of 2011 were PS3 exclusives. I barely played any multiplats last year.

Sony put out alot of sequels to some of my favorite series of this gen so PS3 exclusives interested me so much more. LBP2 might not be your cup of tea but I happen to think it's one of the greatest games of all time.

ZippyZapper2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

They can't keep sinking money into new games when people barely buy them in favor of mutliplatform.

Most Sony games don't sell as well as Nintendo or MS. Sony only has one game that can compete with multiplatform sales.

They also need serious cuts to make up for those billion's in loses. If you guys truly supported Sony, you back their play so they can try and stay afloat.

Cost more to market 10 games than it does 5.

zag2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Kenict isn't a money maker for the XBOX, it how ever is a money maker for everything else, that's why it's now bundled with the Xbox for free rather than have people buy it as an add on, as people just wouldn't bother.

Once it got hacked to work on windows it took off from there.

The Kienct 2 AD isn't even about the XBOX at all it's only about how you can use it for office and dealing with photos etc all in windows.

I've not seen an Kienct 2 AD that has even bothered about the XBOX.

To be honest Kienct is over rated, for what it is.

And multi plat games how many do you ever see that are big money makers not many really.

DragonKnight2350d ago

@gamingdroid: why is it that whenever people choose to talk up MS' games they speak as though 3rd party = Microsoft? MICROSOFT is the issue, not 3rd party devs. Microsoft don't make games, Microsoft don't care about core gamers, Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft. The 3rd party devs can release as many multiplat and rare exclusive games all they want to. It DOESN'T prop up Microsoft's offerings. Who the hell cares if 3rd party devs are delivering on their part of the bargain if MS aren't.

Sony don't need to develop less games. People need to remember that MS doesn't control gaming, and just because they introduced the mindset of having to sell 3 million units in a week, or charging for everything under the sun, and going with Nintendo's "ignore the core that built you" mentality, doesn't mean that that's best for gamers.

Sony, remember that your games sell over longer periods of time. Flash sales aren't good because they also mean just as quick a drop in demand. Bring us the games, and we'll buy them. Just maybe give us a break, or release the games during the summer lull when we're desperate for them.

MaxXAttaxX2350d ago

Sounds reasonable to me.

They may release less games, but I doubt Sony will sink to Microsoft's level. We'll still see quite a few games and they'll have more support.

At least we don't have to wait so much for new games unlike two other consoles. Having more options is good :)

JokesOnYou2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

As a gamer more games are always what I want but generally speaking Sony's lineup tends to be less desirable in the terms of game types compared to 360 because even in a year where there were the fewest 360 exclusives in 1 single year that I cared about, just 3= Gears3, Forza4 & Halo Anv. and for record remakes arent truely "new" exclusives but hey Halo is 1 of my all time favorites, anyway for all the talk about ps3 exclusive qauntity, I personally only cared for UC3, then when you figure I prefer to play all multiplats on 360/online/controller, again as a gamer clearly my 360 gets the majority of my playtime, I understand I dont represent all gamers of course but more and more I believe this is how a small but growing percent of gamers feel. Understandably you cant please everbody but frankly I treated much of ps3 lineup especially all those redundant and boring jrpg's they released in 2011 the same way I treated micros kinect crap= meh'...therefore I believe there is some truth to this analysis......its not that Sony should focus on less games but somehow find the right balance between hardcore great games and niche market games.

Its sorta like rich guys bragging about their car collections, at some point the quantity becomes irrevelant, more importantly the question is how many does he have that his less fortunate neighbors would kill to drive?

DragonKnight2349d ago

@JokesonYou: I'm sorry, but did you just say that the 360 has more desirable game types? The numbers aren't your friend. Considering that the 360 is still considered the "shooter" console, and with good reason, and is also the console with LESS exclusive content; it's impossible numerically for you to say that the 360 has more desirable game types and state it so absolutely as you did. Clearly the console with more games would have more game types to appeal to more people, thus you can see where you'd be wrong.

And your car analogy is also flawed, since his neighbours would want even one of his cars if they couldn't have them.

ritsuka6662349d ago

"Sony needs to expand their market, because PS3 among core gamers are saturated"


insomnium22349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

MS exclusives selling 5 million day one just proves that people are starving for games. I guess exclusive games DO matter unlike what the x360 trolls here want you to think.

miyamoto2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Its not about the games anymore.

Its about the western video games' MARKET and the main stream MEDIA.

MS, no matter how they suck, follows a Master Plan that is going to be tough to counter even for Sony or Nintendo.

Here are the clues War in the Middle East, Justin Beiber, CNN, NewsCorp, etc. Japan is being boxed out!

SilentNegotiator2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

"Without Kinect, MS like Sony might have to scale down their support. Having additional market is unlikely to hurt, but only help"

What would they have to cut? Halo, Gears of War, Forza, or Fable? Because the last I checked, those games didn't need to be subsidized because they sold well and people have to spend $60 a year to play them online.

What would they have to cut? Some of the internet apps that have nothing to do with gaming?

All of these things were around before Kinect, and did just fine.

"Oh and also learn to advertise: Move gimmick comes out and nobody gives a crap, Kinect gimmick comes out and smashes everything"
So.....8 million = "nobody gives a crap"
10 million on a 500 million dollar marketing campaign = "Smashes everything"

Where's the logic in that?

JokesOnYou2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Did you miss the part where I specifically said "that I cared about", I thought it was clear that I was speaking about my preference while assuming a segment of gamers especially those who prefer 360 may feel the same way.....nothing against sony 'but I don't buy games for either console just because their exclusive, 360 has plenty of diversity despite what you may call it, sure its not as diverse as ps3 but it doesnt need to be because it should be very clear this far into 360's life cycle that certain game types dont really help 360 judging by software sales and hardware sales micro seems to know what their userbase wants which is why 360 brand needs to continue following its own path instead of trying to match game types with ps3. Of course there always room on the 360 for a few niche games every once in awhile, also casuals seem to like kinect which has been a huge plus but otherwise the majority of the core fanbase dont want to play Viva Pinata games, jrpg's, kart racers, Kameo type games, etc, so why should micro pump out a bunch of games that dont sell well on the 360 just for the sake of an exclusive count.

YES, shooters are my favorite genre because I'm very competitive and the online component tends to satisfy more so than other genres, but at the same time I do like a variety of other genres like sports, wrpgs, racing, a lil hack n slash and the occasional platformer, I don't just play any old game though, I have limited time for gaming, so I make tough choices about what to buy and what not to buy, which is why the whole point of my initial post is that while MORE games is a good thing overall I tend to be interested in a select amount of games, which in fact slants my preference in the 360's favor= in other words LBP as great as it is just isn't my cup of tea, Sony could pump out 1 every other month but for me I m not itching to drive that car, if ya know what I mean.

SephirothX212349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

The fanboyism here is just ridiculous. Sure Kinect is not for the hardcore but it is not gimmicky and is not inaccurate. I know because I have developed a 3D game for it for college. It's voice recognition could be better and it is only applicable to casual games mostly but people clearly wanted it as it is one of the fastest selling electronic devices in history. The PS3 has many great exclusives but let's be honest, besides Uncharted and GT, none of them are massive sellers. Clearly PS3 owners on average are more interested in multi games. Go back and look at what got GOTY each year on the majority of sites. Gears 2006 and UC2 2009. Multis won every other year. Anyway, if someone has one console, why should they be angry if the other console hasn't got what they want when they don't have it? Fanboys are nothing but sheep licking the ass of major corporations like Sony and MS and should be shot.

grailly2349d ago

superlupe is right from an economic stand point,but I didn't buy into playstation for their economic situation, I bought into playstation for the games they put out. As lupe said, Sony put out games that nearly nobody cared about, that's a good thing! they are trying to please everybody. They surely didn't make any money of of motorstorm:apocalypse but it was one of my favorite games of 2011. they treat the consumer well. and as far as I know I'm a consumer not a share holder, so I'll stay by Sony.

GTRrocker2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )


Just because you don't like the majority of Sony exclusives, it doesn't mean they didn't deserve to be made. I bought all of those games you "couldn't care less about" day one and still play them regularly to this day (Probably because I am not a jaded internet troll that pretends to have insight into the industry, I just like fun games of quality). And Believe it or not, your taste in games isn't the beacon that everyone else should follow.

Also Kinect sucked. You know it is a sad day for gaming when a 360 fanboy praises kinect over great games like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3. Have you even played any of those games that you "couldn't care less about"? They are actually really really good. You are missing out on some quality games, because you are choosing a console over great games.

dead_eye2349d ago


I for one couldn't give a fuck that the only game your interested in was UC3. The thing with Sony is that it's not all pleasing the majority. Or getting a big seller and then only making that game. It's about taking chances and that's why the variety of games on the playstation destroys what Microsoft and Nintendo are throwing out at the moment. Microsoft have 1 fps 1 tps 1 racer and 1 rpg. Fuck that I like to have a choice.

Can't believe the amount of shareholders on this site. I couldn't give a fuck how many consoles or copies of a game sells. Just give me quality games and hey I ain't gonna complain if I have a few to choose from.

jeseth2349d ago

If all the people that rant and rave about Sony Exclusives actually bought them they wouldn't be in this position.

I'm basically a PS only gamer and I buy virtually all exclusive games. But I know most of the people that fanboy it up don't. R3 was awesome but it sold like crap! Modnation was awesome but also, sold like garbage. Heavenly Sword, awesome. Fable, awesome. Etc. Etc. Lackluster sales. I can't blame Sony, they do need to make money.

Buy some games and show support. Otherwise don't say anything.

badz1492349d ago

Speak for yourself! Going for less games is clearlly a wrong direction to go to. I love Sony for the amount of exclusives they pump out every year.Multiplats are better on pc by miles, so there is no point really to own a console lacking in exclusives!

SkyGamer2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

It is nice for sony to make all these games. The fact remains that how long can it last before the proverbial bubble burst? Games are great but if they do not sell enough to even break even, then why bother? MS did that with the first Xbox. Look at where it got them? Look at the massive third party support and look where it got the ps2? So more games is good, but when money isn't as free as it was back then, how can you sustain? I know a majority of n4g'ers probably live with their parents or off of welfare, the rest have real life choices to make. How many games do I buy a month or do I make rent and put food on the table. Hmmm? Video games doesn't seem as important now does it? You learn to buy a few games a year and budget like hell.

INC NATE21312349d ago

All I have to say is, I didnt here microsoft recording a 2 billion dollar loss. Did anyone else here that? exactly. yes having all those exclusives must be great but umm how do you expect to sell games when you have so many coming out, just because you have alot doesnt mean ps3 is better. Do you really expect people to spend about 600 dollars on all the exclusives that come out over the year? also how are you going to give any of your exclusives any publicity. you advertise one for about 2 weeks then air another exclusive for commercial for another 2 weeks and forget about the previous one? see the only people hyping up ps3 games are PS3 FANBOYS! not the media, me one ps3 exclusive over the past 3 years that sold over 2.5 million on day one, i cant name any, the only one that came close was mgs4 with 1.5 million, you know why bc sony only had one good exclusive to focus on and gave it so much airtime. you have gears 3 with 3.1 million on day one, you have fable 3 with 1.2 million, and i mean thats a silly rpg. I mean halo doesnt even need media coverage for it to be hyped bc ms did a great job of building names for the exclusives. I mean its very common for halo and gears of war to be heard in a house hold for games rather than killzone,like killzone to me doesnt even exist anymore, i hear nothing about dlc or anything for it, which is what ps3 also does poorly, they dont release anything good for the game after its initial release. the only games on ps3 that are known are uncharted 3(barley saw any commercials) GOW( ok advertising but great game) and gt6, but what i had to wait 6 fucking years for that game when forza did the samething in 1/4 the time, in my opinion i rather play forza over gt anyday, to me forza looks better and over all is funmer to play, which what counts...oh and i didnt have to wait 6 YEARS FOR FORZA 4!! last guardian, how long was that in development 4, socom 4? what 3 years, i mean really come on.

Anon19742349d ago

Oh look. Another negative PS3 article from You've got to wonder about sites like this. One or two negative articles and you might just say "Hey, they thought it was news," but PSlifestyle seems to make a habit of this.

As for the article - it's brain dead. Of course if you offer more exclusives, sales will potentially be split between the multiple games.
And what's this nonsense that Gears 3 sold more than all Sony's products? You look at all Sony's first party studios - Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous, Gran Turismo, Resistance LittleBigPlanet, MLB, etc..etc - do some fact checking. These games easily sold more than Gears 3 in 2011. Who makes a claim like that and doesn't even bother to see if it's true or not.

Playstationlifestyle - that's who. And Resistance 3 hasn't sold more than a million? Really? Might want to verify that little factoid with Sony as well. But hey - you start actually fact checking, that might actually knock some of the wind out of your "article," wouldn't it now?

EVILDEAD3602348d ago

Tool late to comment on this one...but wow did this bring out an interesting discussion

EVILDEAD3602348d ago

excuse the typo..meant 'Too' not 'Tool'


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undisputed2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

As much as Sony kills my wallet, they can make as many games as they want. They're the ones pushing quality and I want to see them do that for years to come.

@ ZippyZapper, you don't know what you're talking about. Where's the evidence that Sony's losing billions of dollars? Anything to spread FUD, right?

What Sony needs to do is to unify their divisions. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Has nothing to do with games. Their games don't have to sell five million in one day to be a success. I'll take quality over quantity any day.

Jazz41082349d ago

I get called out for being a ms fan as I support them mostly but I'm a gamer and I could care less wht others think. As a MS fan I have supported sony this gen by purchasing 3 of their systems and a lot of games including kz2,kz3,uncharted 1-3, infamous 1 & 2, mgs4, a nual buy of there baseball game, demon souls, lbp, and many more games. A person like myself that enjoys both systems but sees a lot more value in his 360 with live and many games without installs and wekly firmware updates and a sleek user friendly system does not mean that I hate sony as If that was the case I would not have given them at least 2000 this gen of my money. Sonys games are fine and I don't think they are oversaturated as they own many studios but there system and how its works from a consumer point of view is my least favorite of the two.

baodeus2349d ago

The mentality that only Sony pushing limits or have quality games is retarded. Where did you guys get that idea from?

dead_eye2349d ago

What have Microsoft pushed this gen?

dead_eye2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Off the top of my head Blu ray, 3d this gen alone.
What have Microsoft done??

Stupid site. Show the comment when I post it not 5 mins later

Aloren2349d ago

BD didn't change much to the industry though...It was pushed by sony 5 years before it was even needed.

I mean party chat or xbla (live in general really) probably changed gaming on console a lot more than BD did.

baodeus2349d ago

@Dead eye

I was talking about gaming wise, but since you are at it let see.

Instead of using Red&blue glass for viewing anaglyph stereoscopic 3D, we now use polarized ones? A jump from dvd to blueray like cd to dvd? Are we talking about innovation or improvement?

If that is the case, on MS front:

- Software for kinect (it works because of the software behind it which u don't see)
- The surfaces ( too expansive though
- Live connectivity/communication
- Window 7

this actually have more innovations than Sony hardware, but you don't see it because it is running the back. I guess only developers know about these things.

jeseth2349d ago

That Too Human was pretty awesome!

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TBM2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Sorry Sony id rather you not do that besides this article is pure bull as the interview doesn't say that.

its the reason why i play my ps3 more than my 360 which is a paperweight for me these last few years.

bozebo2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Does that mean there won't be a Rollcage 3?

Sony still have a lot to give in my opinion, they should be making MORE games - not less. Hopefully they will reel out a bunch of exclusive series next gen to get a market foothold early on.

VINNIEPAZ2349d ago

Articles like like this truly show you how Sony Biased this site is. Every comment good about Sony gets more agrees and every comment good about MS gets more disagrees LMMFAO. How sad.

Nes_Daze2348d ago

That just shows how much more PS3 supporters there are rather than xbox ones there are. In 2007 and a bit after that it was completely different. Don't see how that's sad, just logic.

GameLogix2349d ago

First of all, Sony shouldn't expect and neither should any gamers, that games like Heavy Rain sell 10 MIL. It's NOT going to happen no matter what platform it's on. Killzone 2 was a great game but the story lacked on KZ3. Still a good game, but it's not going to compete with an already saturated FPS market with MW. MW will always be the top seller because they create a game that is really easy to play but makes gamers THINK they are hardcore. KZ, in order to be good, you have to be very accurate (kind of like BF3). But that's not what hardcore wannabes want. They want to believe they are hardcore.

Take a game like Dark Souls. That game IS HARD CORE. But it will never sell 10 MIL since most hardcore wannabes could never even come close to being good at that game. MW2/MW3 offers simplicity that gives the illusion they are good. That's the trick.

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THC CELL2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Just dont go down the xbox road with no exclusives . Btw it wont happen as Sony own too many studios that loves to make games Xbox games only it has not many choices of exclusives

doctorstrange2350d ago

The constant flow of exclusives is why I love PlayStation. They need to not advertise individual titles, but spend the sum of a Halo advertising budget on something like "This is what you get with a PS3" that simply shows all its awesomeness.

Klipz-Wish2350d ago

I think that's what they attempted with those Kevin Butler montage advertisements

doctorstrange2350d ago

And they were by far the best KB ads imo. But it should have been PS3 exclusives only, and it should have promoted that fact.

KillNr3load142350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Yeah they did one a couple years ago, i think the should do an updated version.

JoeReno2349d ago

I agree with The Cell & Dr.Strange on this one. Keep pumping out the games and I will keep buying them. As for advertising budget, screw it. Let those in the know play your great exclusives and let the others play Just Dance 17.

bozebo2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )


But "as it has not many choices of exclusives" also applies to the PS3. There are certainly loads more but there are still not that many compared to the mighty PS2 or even the original Xbox (infact, the PS3 and 360 have less exclusives than any other successful console that has been around in my lifetime)

The only PS3 exclusives which I, personally, am interested in are MGS (which is now going multi >_< and I don't think MGR:R is even going to hit the spot for me which is always what seems to happen when a PS game goes multi) and GoW, which also got worse this gen. So if you don't like most of the Sony exclusives (like me) then you don't have that many of them to choose from - compared to any previous console generation which I have lived through that is, I play multis on my PC so that leaves my PS3 sitting pretty gathering dust - I wouldn't have bought it if I knew FF was going to turn to junk and become multi, if I knew GTA was going to have content stripped to fit on a tiny DVD, if I knew GoW was going to turn sour, if I knew they were going to strip all the content from GT and make you download it separately (honestly that game took so long to make and has no content compared to the previous installments), that said I wouldn't have bought a 360 either if I knew MS were going to diarrhoea all over gamers' faces - but it's fine because they made a loss from my custom on the console (which they also had to fix twice) and I have only bought 2 new games (guess what, Halo 3 and Reach) for them to get royalties from.

edit: ah, twisted metal will be one to keep me entertained.

bluegoblin2346d ago

In reality i dont think Metal Gear Solid is going multiplatform. You cant seriously count rising as a true metal gear game. Sure its going to be good and fun but not a REAL metal gear solid game. Im sure that when 5 comes out (and it will) it will be sony exclusive PS3/PS4.
we shall see

Megaton2350d ago

Works for Microsoft. They had their best year when their game lineup was at its absolute worst. Mind-boggling.

ShinMaster2350d ago

And not because of core gamers. But because of casuals.
I mean, that IS who Microsoft is focusing on right now more than ever.

mcstorm2349d ago

I agree ms did have there best year ever. They sold more consoles than any other year because of kinect but this is not a bad thing in any way.

The problem for sony is they dont push there games in the right way. If you look at games like gears and halo reach they were show off in the middle of big sports events in the uk and the shows that are watched by millions of people. Yet sony were pushing there games in front of channel 5 movies.

I remember when sony brought out the ps1 and they would push the console and games all the time but sony have made the mistake with the playstation brand they have done with the tvs mobiles and mp3 players and thats think there brand name is enough to push the devices and it is not any more.

Yes there mp3 players tvs and ps3 my be the best devices on the market but sony are not showing the world why any more and its the same with the games.

I bought a load of games last year but i bought more 360 exclusives than ps3 exclusives. I wanted some of the ps3 exclusives but there were other 3rd party games out at the same time like crysis 2 bf3 that had more hype put on them than kz3 and r3 so i ended picking the 1st two up before the other two and this is what sony now need to do with there games.

Games like lbp mnr could be a start of sony eating into mario and mario kart. Uc and kz could start to eat into gears and halo market but they can only do that if sony push them on there way if not then gt will only be sonys big name to look forward too.

PirateThom2350d ago

Ugh, spend money on games, not marketing and gimmicks. No point in having the best selling console if the games don't back it up.

360GamerFG2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

But they do, they have the best selling games as well. In 2011 more 360 games where bought than ps3 games despite having less games available.
And before you go saying the install base is bigger, the 360 attachment rate was also higher last year. On average, 360 owners simply buy more games than ps3 owners. You don't like it but its true.
It's great to have options, but to use having all these options as an excuse for less sales and then buying 10 million MW3's dilutes your logic. Not you specifically, your brethren.

PirateThom2350d ago

What does that have to do with developing games rather than spending the money on advertising?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

xPhearR3dx2349d ago


It has everything to do with it. There's no point in developing games if no one is buying them. It also makes no sense in developing games and spending money advertising those games if no one buys them either.

IRetrouk2349d ago

Umm if everyone of those games listed have sold close to a mill or more then I would say those games have sold well, it only takes 400 or so thousand to be released as a platinum not every game has to sell 5+ to make a profit, here's an idea, go play sum fcuking games and stop bitching about sales, Jesus Christ some of you are pathetic

bozebo2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Exactly IRetrouk.

I wouldn't want them to stop making a series just because it doesn't sell huge numbers - that is just bad for the industry, and it is what multiplat publishers have been doing which is why there are so few creatively impressive games being released on consoles these days (the indie and small developers have allowed the PC market to stay somewhat creatively inspired). And so very few new IPs.

Having a broad range of smaller titles that some people might be interested in is a way to get people to buy your console, that is why Sony develop and undermarket a lot of their IPs - though personally, I don't like most of them, but it has given them a little boost in this generation which they needed and it keeps the industry good for gamers and not just good for making cash (I mean, it pays the wages of developers - why do we need more than that? If studios get closed down then a lot of great minds will be lost from the industry altogether)

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undisputed2350d ago

Thom, ignore Financial Gamer. He/she seems to think they know about the industry when they don't. And I agree with you. Sony needs to keep making games.

coryok2349d ago

i think, for sony, it comes down to the money, and right now microsoft is showing that games dont get support for your console. microsoft is selling a lot more games then sony is yet they dont develop any games. it means microsoft is making more money by doing less, the dream of any company.

people need to start showing support for how good sony is being to their customers and buying 3rd party games on ps3 instead of 360 or the whole thing will be turned into a mass media, advertising thing where games were a thing of the past

Sizzon2349d ago

Yeah but, some 3rd parties like CoD, Saints Row, Battlefield 3 (by a million) sell better on the 360, while other 3rd parties like FIFA 12, Batman Arkham City and Need for Speed sell better on the PS3.